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Which commercial does this song remind you of? | Kriti Sanon & Sushant Singh's latest song

Posted 2 months ago


What is turning out to be a popular song seems to be one of the toothpaste brand Close Up’s new projects. If you haven’t already made the connect, the chorus of this song ‘Paas Aao Na’ was a jingle of one of Close Up’s most successful campaign. Originally sung by the Sona Mohapatra in 2009, this new version was published earlier this week on Youtube and has got over 2,000,000 views already! The video does seem to have the same color scheme - Red and Blue going, the one that Close Up usually uses in all their advertisements! Not to forget the whole blowing a kiss sort hand gesture also shown in the brand’s advertisements. Is this video part of Close Up’s campaign? Well we don’t see any branding anywhere for now. 

What do you think about it?  Tell us in the comments below


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  • Lalit Posted 2 months agoNice song
  • NILESHPosted 2 months agoBeautiful nice song
  • MeghaPosted 2 months agoThat definitely looks like a part of the ad campaign by close-up! The colour combinations, BGM and the dance choreography are all in line with their theme. The smile of Sushat Singj Rajput.. oh! killer.. Kriti and Sushant share a very good chemistry. Awesome to watch the Ad.
  • Ankita Patel Posted 2 months agoGreat
  • NancyPosted 2 months agoClose up ad! Close up sing! Fresh like ever :)
  • DilshadPosted 2 months agoNice but the original song is best
  • nikithaPosted 2 months agoLovey Song
  • AnkitPosted 2 months agoGreat
  • neerubansal80014@gmail.comPosted 2 months agoThe song is very nice.
  • vickyPosted 2 months agoNice song
  • ZahrakhanPosted 2 months agoNice and grate
  • SAIFODDIN MOMINPosted 2 months agoClose up is work when you brush your teeth properly.... Otherwise forget it ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜ŽPaasss...Aaonaa.. Closeup
  • AshutoshPosted 2 months agonice
  • shiffaliPosted 2 months agooooooooooooooo
  • MahalakshmiPosted 2 months agonice
  • surajPosted 2 months agonice
  • pavanPosted 1 month agoShusanth singh always Rocks........
  • nikithaPosted 1 month agocool moves
  • Sweety Thakkar Posted 1 month agoClose up
  • meenakshiPosted 1 month agoLovely song close up ......pas aao na.
  • shabena nazarPosted 1 month agoBeautiful song
  • Vishal Nimbalkar Posted 1 month agoAwesome nice
  • HameedaPosted 1 month agoNice song
  • Sharmila DeyPosted 1 month agoWonderful ad by closeup. It's different from the usual ones and therefore it'seems fresh and new.
  • Anurag sharmaPosted 1 month agoThis song is amazing i love this song and their dance is too good
  • Vishal Nimbalkar Posted 1 month agoNice song
  • AARAVPosted 1 month agoGOOD YAAR
  • priyaPosted 1 month agoSuperb thing to hear
  • RiyaPosted 1 month agoCool ad music and dance. Yes seems more appropriate for a toothpaste brand. The smiles magic was clearly missing.
  • SONU YADAV Posted 1 month agoNice song we enjoyed
  • Perwaiz AlamPosted 1 month agoContent and subject is wonderful
  • Indraneel GhoshalPosted 1 month agoNice song
  • Md rafPosted 1 month agoI love this song
  • Gurpyar Posted 1 month agoNothing be real than nature
  • Saloni BhatiaPosted 1 month agoThis song reminds me of the close-up ad campaign.
  • jyotishmoi gogoiPosted 1 month agonice
  • Mitahhar amir abdullahPosted 1 month agoNice
  • Rishi dhariwalPosted 1 month agoI lust love the song...even i have the same ringtone of my phone which i keep on singing ...pas aao pass aaoooooo naaa......
  • dineshPosted 1 month agoenthusiatic with a blende in flavour refreshing good memories of close up ad
  • RohitPosted 1 month agoWill be Good to Watch
  • dilip chaudharyPosted 1 month agoEvery time feel like new freshness
  • Birjesh KumarPosted 1 month agoV sweet to listen
  • Rohit SamadPosted 1 month agoits a close up ad with a new song
  • nagarjunaPosted 1 month agoin this add the dance and act for telling get close with close up is nice , they used the song very well
  • Annie Catharine DsouzaPosted 1 month agogood song and characters
  • Deepti JainPosted 1 month agoLove this video
  • VenkateswaranPosted 1 month agoSuperppp
  • Zakiya begumPosted 1 month agoNice song
  • RajPosted 1 month agoCLOSE-UP LOVEP
  • ARJIN P MPosted 1 month agoNice song
  • Anand vermanPosted 1 month agoThat song inspired from the Close Up ad
  • RajPosted 1 month agoI love closeup ad
  • RajPosted 1 month agoNew version of PASS AAO is superbb Rocking closeup๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜
  • LAKSHMI SHANKAR SHARMAPosted 1 month agoCelebrity is Awesome year .
  • rockyPosted 1 month agoAmazing ade
  • Sunil SahooPosted 1 month agoGood song
  • Sunil SahooPosted 1 month agoGud sonf
  • SAURABHPosted 1 month agobeautiful song
  • S SahaPosted 1 month agoThe colour red signifies that of closeup.The song says that closeup gives you fresh breath which brings couples closer
  • Simran Khosla Posted 1 month agoAmazing....
  • SONU YADAV Posted 1 month agoVery nice song
  • poulamiPosted 1 month agoGood
  • poulamiPosted 1 month agoI love this song
  • Prakash Posted 1 month agoWhat a beautiful song... Excellent moves... Actor and actress totally fits into it... Love it...
  • ManjiriPosted 1 month agoLovely song
  • amruthaPosted 1 month agoThis is the first time I'm seeing this ad.This really seems to be a good song. yes. This one resembles close up ad. But after watching this ad, i feel that the ad was extracted from this song. the colors used for costume of the actor is that of the close up brand, and the gestures also resemble the same. This song has a chance to stand out in the crowd once it becomes popular.
  • Akhilesh Tripathi Posted 1 month agoAwesome refreshing tingling jingle
  • SHAIK PEERU SAHEBPosted 1 month agoTheir chemistry is super..
  • SujithaPosted 1 month agoSimply super
  • arunaPosted 4 weeks agoNice
  • C Rajesh Posted 4 weeks agoFabulous
  • Tejinder SinghPosted 3 weeks agoit is best toothpaste because after brushing we fresh and happiness.so according to me which song performed during ad it very nice
  • Tejinder SinghPosted 3 weeks agoit is very nice song
  • Tejinder SinghPosted 3 weeks agoIt is very nice song
  • Tejinder SinghPosted 3 weeks agoNice song
  • Tejinder SinghPosted 3 weeks agoNice Song
  • Tejinder SinghPosted 3 weeks agoNice song
  • Tejinder SinghPosted 3 weeks agoBeautiful and very Nice song like a toothpaste
  • Tejinder SinghPosted 3 weeks agoBeautiful song
  • MariyamakilPosted 3 weeks agoNice song with good music
  • Jyoti agarwalPosted 3 weeks agoThis video produced by T-series seems to be close-up video as there is two colour used red and blue beside that the punch line is used in song pass aao na which is of close up so its clearly saying its a video of toothpaste close up add...
  • bharatrawatPosted 3 weeks agoSir my level problem
  • UDAYA KUMARA KPosted 3 weeks agoConfident!!!!!!!
  • SwatiPosted 3 weeks agomelodious song..!!
  • AakashPosted 3 weeks agoIt may be future advertisement song of close up
  • Prasad nagarePosted 3 weeks agoOsum
  • sujeet kumar singhPosted 2 weeks agoSuparb
  • BalramPosted 2 weeks agoto be honest sushant is my favourite and I love all his actions so it is also my favourite add but song is also good in add
  • RohitPosted 2 weeks agoClose up paas aao na- it feels young, energetic and refreshed. Close up gives you that confidence to stand up and express yourself with fresh and smiling teeth
  • sujeet kumar singhPosted 2 weeks agoCreative ad
  • chandrakanti singhaPosted 2 weeks agoExcellent ad
  • Debashis Ghosh Posted 2 weeks agovery nice song
  • Vivek Kumar YadavPosted 2 weeks agonice
  • HarshaPosted 2 weeks agoIt's a good song... Although could have been shorter
  • Aman SharmaPosted 2 weeks agoNice Song
  • Vivek Kumar YadavPosted 2 weeks agogood job
  • RiyaPosted 2 weeks agoGood music
  • Sharad GaikwadPosted 2 weeks agoI like it this song but old version is good
  • Sukanta dasPosted 1 week agoNic job
  • rohit dhyaniPosted 1 week agoVery good and refreshing advertisment
  • venkatesh gunjiPosted 1 week agobeautiful song
  • venkatesh gunjiPosted 1 week agofantastic song ever
  • venkatesh gunjiPosted 1 week agobang
  • Sharad GaikwadPosted 1 week agoI like it this ad
  • rahuldhyaniPosted 1 week agoInteresting tvc
  • rohit dhyaniPosted 1 week agoVERY REFRESHING ADVERTISEMENT
  • karthikPosted 1 week agoGREAT
  • Prachi AgarwalPosted 1 week agoSong is enough to understand that the song is from close up ad. It does not need to be highlighted with brand name. Some things like brands tagline or songs fits to mind. If it starts playing it pops up in mind "ye to uss flana ad ka hai"
  • shrikanthaPosted 1 week agoHi
  • HarisinghPosted 1 week agoNice ad
  • BENJAMIN CHOUDHURYPosted 1 week agoThe song happened in a disco. The environment was full of dance.and music. Basically it is endorsing the T-series music company. Kriti and Sushant were endorsers.Though the song tries to relate with the Close up ad but it is completely new theme.The song also showcasing both the actors chemistry and dancing skills.
  • Radha Posted 1 week agoIt's a very catchy number. Young boy n girl kind off stuff work for all. It's like no nonsense dialogue only tickling romance, creates impression in mind n finally if a line is repeated for more time it stays in mind. This is how himesh songs use to work... Ek bar aaja aaja aaja, tera tera tera saroor
  • GARIMAPosted 5 days agonice and interesting
  • Aurangzeb KhanPosted 4 days agoIt is good but not the best. I love the lyrics but the compostion of music is not as attractive ad lyrics
  • sanket pawarPosted 4 days agoCoollkkkk
  • sanket pawarPosted 4 days agoGreat
  • sanket pawarPosted 4 days agoNice ad
  • Pooja nahalPosted 2 days agoBeautiful song
  • Sayan SahaPosted 1 day agoLike
  • lokesh kumarPosted 17 hours agoBeautiful nice song
  • Satyaki DasPosted 35 minutes agoNice


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