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The TVC that gives you hunger pangs!

Posted 2 years ago

Bhookh ko manao, dabaa ke khao…

Cadbury Fuse is one of the many chocolate bars Cadbury has manufactured till now. Cadbury is one of the oldest confectionery brands worldwide that brings a smile to everyone's face while enjoying every bite of their chocolates.

In this TVC you can see that the girl is hungry while visiting her friend for a meal where she sees an Indian cricketer walking out of the lift. Noticing the Cadbury Fuse in his hands, she decides to divert his attention by requesting him for an autograph, only to later grab a bite of that Cadbury Fuse as she was hungry.

The Cadbury Fuse is a solid bar of milk chocolate, nuts, peanuts, crisp cereal, and fudge suspensions which make it a complete snack to be consumed anytime, anywhere. Cadbury Fuse is ideal for treating -- both your hunger pangs and your sweet tooth.


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  • Sukanta Kumar Mohanty Posted 2 years agoNife
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 2 years agoawesome. i love
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 2 years agothe ad is interesting
  • Chandramohan HPosted 2 years agoreally Nice
  • Vikash singhPosted 2 years agovery nice
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 2 years agobrilliant
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 2 years agoI like this
  • JothipriyaPosted 2 years agoi love this chocolate
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 2 years agocadbury fuse chocolate is tasty i love
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 2 years agovery nice ad.
  • biswajit dasPosted 2 years agoLike it
  • Sukanta Kumar Mohanty Posted 2 years agoNice
  • bharatrawatPosted 2 years agoVery nice to meet you and very interested
  • Puspanjali nayak Posted 2 years agoThis is a good and interesting ad
  • SuryaPosted 2 years agoVery nice
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 2 years agothis product of cadbury is nice and tasty
  • Kanika ShriyanPosted 2 years agoLoved the TVC.
  • Prasun SarkarPosted 2 years agoLovely loving advertisement. No matter what is going on, your favourite thing is always come first.
  • Nisha SharmaPosted 2 years agoHence proved. Hunger always comes first.
  • vinodk2000@yahoo.comPosted 2 years agolooks great.
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 2 years agoVERY NICE
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 2 years agogood treat for chidren
  • Hans Raj Posted 2 years agoBhukh ko bhagao khate raho
  • BANDLAPALLI SAIVIKASPosted 2 years agonice chokolate
  • MAUSUMI MAITRAPosted 2 years agonice
  • Anthony MendisPosted 2 years agocool
  • MUSKANPosted 2 years agoVERY GOOD
  • biswajit dasPosted 2 years agoi like
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 2 years agoit is a best chocolet in my opinion
  • Kartikey tiwariPosted 2 years agosoo good
  • DeepakPosted 2 years agoNice
  • Virendra kumarPosted 2 years agoIt is very amazing whenever it is jata to be full of belly
  • RAJRNPosted 2 years agobe your 1st priority, others ignore. agree ?
  • ABHISHEK MISHRAPosted 2 years agoNice
  • Archana Ghosh Posted 2 years agofunny
  • Debashis Ghosh Posted 2 years agoThis girl is too naughty the way she steals the chocolate , this is just awesome. Morever we all know cadbury chocolate is a premium brand which doesn't want any introduction
  • shaliniPosted 2 years agoLike the ad
  • shaliniPosted 2 years agonice
  • Kartikey tiwariPosted 2 years agogood
  • Ch. Gopi Kishan RaoPosted 2 years agoGood Advertisement innovatively thought " Don't confuse its Cadbury Fuse" should be the line for the ad
  • deep kumarPosted 2 years agoIt has nice taste
  • aditya kumar vermaPosted 2 years agoThis girl is so intelligent and the advertisement was so funny!!!
  • aditya kumar vermaPosted 2 years agoAwesome
  • aditya kumar vermaPosted 2 years agofantastic
  • JEEVITHA Posted 2 years agoNice
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 2 years agoi like cadbury chocolate
  • RUKSANAPosted 2 years agoAwesome
  • Virendra kumarPosted 2 years agoNICE AD
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 2 years agocadbury fuse is good chocolate
  • mukeshPosted 2 years agovery nice product
  • rohitPosted 2 years agonice
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 2 years agosuperb
  • vijay yadavPosted 2 years agoawesome
  • Chandrakant DubeyPosted 2 years agoFuse is realy nice one of cadebury product...i love it a lot????????
  • dileepPosted 2 years agoreally worth having it
  • MeghaPosted 2 years agoI love dis
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 1 year agoAttracting ad.
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 1 year agoCADBURY FUSE IS ONE OF THE OLDEST MILK CHOCOLLATE
  • VishalPosted 1 year agoCadbury is my favourite brand
  • VishalPosted 1 year agoThis ad is good
  • VishalPosted 1 year agoCadbury is my favourite brand
  • VishalPosted 1 year agoCadbury fuse is amazing
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 1 year agocan be consume any where and any time
  • NAZMAPosted 1 year agocadbury in hunger can,t wait
  • gnanakirubakaranPosted 1 year agobest think
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 1 year agoI love it
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 1 year agoGood
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 1 year agoOld is always gold as cadbury fuse
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 11 months agoVery nice
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 9 months agoMy grand children like this brand
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 6 months agoCadbury fuse is really very tasty
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 5 months agoLoving this ad.
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 5 months agoThis ad is good and interesting.
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 5 months agoVery very nice
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 4 months agoGood ad. I like it. This is from world oldest manufacturer
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 4 months agoCadbury is great brand
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 2 months agoReally nice
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 2 months agoCadbury is the oldest and best confractionary Brand
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 1 month agoAmazing advertising Idea and loved the contents. Thank to tvc


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