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Twist! Lick! Dunk!

Posted 2 years ago

Cadbury has once again made its way into people's heart by introducing Cadbury Oreo cookies. These delicious looking milk cookies offer a variety in chocolate and vanilla which cater to everyone's sweet tooth.

This TVC of Cadbury Oreo showcases the love and enjoyment everyone experiences while feasting on these Oreo cookies. Easily available and preferred by all, these delicious cookies are a perfect fit for Crunch people, Munch people, Cookie people, Creme people, Crumb people, Twist people, Lick people, Dunk people.

So hurry up to the nearest stores around you and relish the goodness of Oreo cookies.

Agency: FCB Shangai

Production house: Hellonick Limited

Client name: Mondelēz International


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  • Anamika KapoorPosted 2 years agoCookies are the center of attraction for the kids always
  • Sharath ChandraPosted 2 years agoNo prominent faces
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 2 years agooreo cookies are the favourate of children specially.
  • Manoj Varughese Posted 2 years agoThe sandwich biscuit, launched with its global 'Twist, Lick, Dunk' communication, broke across media, including television, print, outdoor, radio, below-the-line, and digital. The ritual referred to, is about twisting an Oreo biscuit open, licking the vanilla cream, then dunking the biscuit in a glass of milk, before relishing it.
  • Chand alamPosted 2 years agoChocklate oreo good
  • Manjula B SPosted 2 years agoTried it is taste
  • Nisha SharmaPosted 2 years agoThe Ad is not that influencing. However Oreo has already a huge customer base (kids). Such an ad does not anyhow affect the people. It's fine.
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 2 years agoawesome ad
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 2 years agocadbury oreo cookies is a good and tasty biscuit
  • aditya kumar vermaPosted 2 years agogoegoues
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 2 years agocookies are fond of children
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 2 years agocookies are tasty for kids
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 2 years agooreo cookees are favourate of my grandchidren. I also taste it. good
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 1 year agooreo biscuit from cadbury is tasty
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 1 year agotasty cookees
  • Karan singhPosted 1 year agoNic ad
  • MAUSUMI MAITRAPosted 1 year agooreo is everyone's favourite
  • Kanika ShriyanPosted 1 year agoTwist Lick Dunk should be the copyright of Oreo. No other brand uses it. Oreo biscuits and cookies are so tasty that there by By-products of it like Oreo Shake and Oreo Cakes. I love Oreo without the Twist Lick Dunk process too.
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 1 year ago0reo is tasty
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 1 year agoBEST COOKEES
  • Vishal AroraPosted 1 year agoOreo cookies is really good
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 1 year agoAWESOME AD
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 1 year agooreo cookees by cadbury is better
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 1 year agokid will like this
  • CHIRAG MALHOTRAPosted 1 year agonice video.
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 1 year agocadbury cookies is new product of the company
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 1 year agoNICE
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 1 year agoNICE
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 1 year agoCADBURY PRODUCT
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 1 year agothis cookies by cadbury is a tasty
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 1 year agocookees are good and tasty
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 1 year agobetter than other band
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 1 year agooreo cookies is delicious and healthy
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 1 year agoOREO COOKEES BEST
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 1 year agocadbury oreo is best
  • NAZMAPosted 1 year agoajot of love for cookies
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 1 year agoOreo cookies are very tasty
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 1 year agoLike very much
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 1 year agoOreo cookies nice
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 1 year agoCookies are now gaining preference among all ages for eating
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 11 months agoKid ,s favourite biscuit
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 11 months agoVery nice cookies
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 6 months agoChocolate is good
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 4 months agoThis. Cookies are tasty and delicious for kid and children
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 2 months agoCadbury new product Oreo cookies is very tasty and kids and children like it


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