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Nissan's Caravan for Japanese Professionals | Advertising Campaign

Posted 11 months ago


No country can function without its labourers and skilled workers. Often overlooked, their work is by no means easy and can be quite beautiful at times. This is the view that Nissan seems to highlight in their new ad. It showcases the people that Nissan’s new caravan utility vehicle will be used by. 

It shows 11 of these unsung heroes, going about their daily routine. From window washers to warehouse workers, it shows us just how skillful they are, each incorporating a certain artform into their lives. Their website contains testimonials from these workers while also inviting others to share their views.

While this ad was showcased in Japan, its message is relevant to India as we have one of the highest populations of skilled and unskilled labourers in the world. It is high time they got the attention and appreciation they deserve.

How do you feel about this ad? Share your thoughts with us!


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  • shafat ahmadPosted 11 months agoWow awsome very nice
  • Dinesh kumar kothari Posted 11 months agooh wow amazing
  • Anupama KAMRAPosted 11 months agoFantastic, well done, worth appreciation
  • Shariful AlamPosted 11 months agoFentastic. Well done
  • Minal BPosted 11 months agoWhoahhh. This is an awe-inspiring AD to show local labourers excel in what they do for a living. Aptly covered and presented by NISSAN, am sure this can be with Indian Labourers for an Indian Brand. To the team that conceived this, take a bow.
  • Ganesh Vasudevan NairPosted 11 months agonice info
  • Rajdeep barmanPosted 11 months agoI never saw like this before
  • BibinPosted 11 months agoWowwwww...Awesome work. Hardwork and unity
  • BinduPosted 11 months agoits realy fabulous
  • Rajesh DagaPosted 11 months agoIts productivities of their labour, indian workmen should cultivate these practice...see the last part of ad 4 pita of 25kgs ( seems to be ) are carried by them but here we see hardly two packets...we should also creat these types of a for our clients
  • saqlainPosted 11 months agoNice work
  • Ravi KLPosted 11 months agoNice one
  • Swapnil PorwalPosted 11 months agoThink ad tells us that Japanese people work with passion, discipline and love.
  • atulPosted 11 months agowow amazing its good working
  • Ganesh Vasudevan NairPosted 11 months agowow!!1
  • Shariful AlamPosted 10 months agoVery good work
  • Dimple ChoudhuryPosted 10 months agoGreat
  • Jimmy JoyPosted 10 months agoGiving credit to the real people, that make any country proud - The Work Force, that's what Nissan has done here. Special skills are used by daily waorkforce to make their routine effective and simple and thus increasing productivity. And to attach the workmanship to its brand is simply a master stroke. Not that Nissan needed any introduction being such a reputed company, but some times even old brands need a little bit of 'marketing push' to make its presence felt. A well conceived ad, complimenting the brand .
  • AmithPosted 10 months agoSuper
  • Yash kapoorPosted 10 months agoGud work
  • Ganesh Vasudevan NairPosted 10 months agosuperb
  • AbudaudPosted 10 months agoFantastic...excellent work
  • priyal poddar Posted 10 months agoAmazing...its good
  • Nikhil ParmarPosted 10 months agoThis shows perfection at its best, pretty awesome and mind blowing.
  • DAKSHAYANIPosted 10 months agoAwesome
  • DAKSHAYANIPosted 10 months agoWhat an amazing!
  • Sucheta GoswamiPosted 10 months agoIt'S good to appreciate the deserving ones. These kind of things motivate them to give their best which is good for them as well as employers
  • swati paniPosted 10 months agogood one
  • AnuragPosted 10 months agoVery nice
  • AnuragPosted 10 months agoToo good
  • Ganesh Vasudevan NairPosted 10 months agonice,wow
  • basant thakurPosted 10 months agowow
  • Swapan PanjaPosted 10 months agoGreat enthusiasm in work , loved the camaraderie shown by japanese worker
  • M CHANGMIPosted 10 months agoWow what a wonderful professional experience it is .....
  • Vipin S BhagatPosted 10 months agoIt is Very Good I Like It....
  • AkshayPosted 10 months agoLiked the most.
  • DpPosted 10 months agoIt shows the quality of labor of Japan.
  • anwar siddiquePosted 10 months agohe he he nice one
  • shyamPosted 10 months agoKya inke labours b aise hi kaam krte hai. Very nice
  • akshay subhash gawadePosted 10 months agowow wondeful
  • NarpatjainPosted 10 months agoSo useful
  • anwar siddiquePosted 10 months agonice@@@
  • Vipin S BhagatPosted 10 months agowow ..
  • saroj kumar rathPosted 9 months agoWow its so nice....
  • saroj kumar rathPosted 9 months agoWow good job...very good
  • Abdur Rehman Posted 9 months agoNice
  • Santoah Kumar NayakPosted 9 months agoFantastic, well done, worth appreciation
  • Man BahadurPosted 9 months agoTrue is right falls wrong
  • Man Bahadur BahadurPosted 9 months agoGod help
  • AmithPosted 9 months agoGood
  • MehjabinPosted 9 months agoIs it real shocked watching video
  • AnuragPosted 9 months agoVery innovative interms of technology amd the service that Nissan is providing. What a balancing and coordination among the people what is more focusing point of the ad. Great products with great materials. Thanks
  • vinodPosted 9 months agonyc
  • Ganesh Vasudevan NairPosted 9 months agomagnificent skills
  • gufranPosted 9 months agovery nice
  • saroj kumar rathPosted 9 months agoAwesome.. very nice
  • KishorePosted 9 months agoIt's very good looking
  • naqi hashmiPosted 9 months agoNice goods
  • Selvi Anand NadarPosted 9 months agoWOW..
  • SYEDAKRAMPosted 9 months agovery attractive work. loved it
  • melvin dsouzaPosted 9 months agowonderfull
  • Ganesh Vasudevan NairPosted 9 months agointeresting
  • RohitPosted 9 months agogood one
  • PrernaPosted 9 months agoSuper
  • nancy salujaPosted 9 months agowow amazing its good working
  • Binu johnPosted 9 months agoperfect
  • abhilashPosted 9 months agoit was nice and innovative like india
  • Sabiya Posted 9 months agoLove it
  • christinePosted 9 months agoVery innovative, great people, great team work, great products. Thanks
  • RomanaPosted 9 months agoAwesome as alwz japan has alwas given new ideas and technology love it superb
  • MADHUMATHI ANDREWSPosted 9 months agoScience beyond imagination. Fantastic
  • MADHUMATHI ANDREWSPosted 9 months agofantastic
  • Amey patilPosted 8 months agolikea proo
  • s praveenPosted 8 months agoawesome creativity
  • anwar siddiquePosted 8 months agoits impresaive an realy thinkable add nice add
  • Nikhil ParmarPosted 8 months agoThis is really an good ad exploring the hidden skill or talent of the people, this is what makes an good entertainment is and also have the capability to hold the attraction of the audience. good work .
  • Munna lal johariPosted 8 months agoNo work can be completed without the worker whether they are skilled or unskilled.
  • AnushreePosted 8 months agoCarry on
  • Anjali PandeyPosted 8 months agofunny
  • ANUJ RANAPosted 8 months agohahahaha......its tottaly enjoyable way of working
  • srikanthPosted 8 months agoamazing art of work
  • V RAJAPosted 8 months agoamazing video ..
  • Prayag DaveyPosted 8 months agoIts just awesom.. Take a bow... You deserve it... Fantastic AD
  • maniPosted 8 months agowow nice
  • Susmita Gour Posted 8 months agoWow this is really very inspiring AD to show to our labours that they can improve themselves by watching this inspirational AD.. A wonderful concept of this AD reflected the technology and hardwork of the labours..
  • radhaPosted 8 months agoGreat work by the real heroes
  • Madhu GudipatiPosted 8 months agoIt really reflects the spirit of the good workmanship and their attitude towards their professionalism.
  • AbheeshtcPosted 8 months agoVery nice
  • Manzur IlahiPosted 8 months agoFantastic, well done, worth appreciation
  • Prakash bhattraiPosted 8 months agoAmazing work..
  • RohitPosted 8 months agoAwesome and very unique
  • Harveen KaurPosted 8 months agoAwesome
  • Suresh KPosted 8 months agoGreat indeed
  • Yogender SharmaPosted 8 months agoNice culture, it showed a sense of joy in whatever you do.
  • Rahul kalalPosted 8 months agoNic
  • vikas kandariPosted 8 months agoThis is very very awesome
  • Ganesh Vasudevan NairPosted 7 months agoamazing....
  • jagriti mishraPosted 7 months agoAwwww just wowwww
  • NitishPosted 7 months agoThat's amazing very innovative and new techniques for complete work.
  • SharonPosted 7 months agoWatch
  • BinduPosted 7 months agoAWESOME ADD.....
  • sudhirPosted 7 months agofraud site
  • niranjanpolarapuPosted 7 months agoThat's too awesome
  • shubhamPosted 7 months agodirection needed for india,india is a developing superpower.
  • shubhamPosted 7 months agoNo country can function without its labourers and skilled workers. Often overlooked, their work is by no means easy and can be quite beautiful at times. This is the view that Nissan seems to highlight in their new ad. It showcases the people that Nissan’s new caravan utility vehicle will be used by.
  • Anil ChaddaPosted 7 months agoSkilled and unskilled labour is the backbone of every economy including India. They have to move with the times to leverage on their time by using recent tools, communication and transportation advances.
  • sachinkpPosted 7 months agoNice
  • Abhishek PariharPosted 7 months agoJapan is renowned for its work culture and discipline in every act. and this point was beautifully portrayed in this ad, which shows how the workers whom we do not pay that much attention in out daily life, perform their work with skill and do enjoy the work they do we do come across such instances in India also, Masoner, a cook chopping vegetables, the boy who throws newspaper with a great accuracy in the balcony of your apartment. But most of the time we ignore them and they are not shown in ads as such, in other words, everyday skills are not subjected to marketing. But sometimes we do come across some videos in social media showing skill of our workers but their audience is very limited. So, we must advertise these skills so as to show gratitude towards these people who silently and unknowingly make our everyday life simpler without asking for any credits in return. Sometimes we do see their work on some talent hunt shows on tv but until and unless their video becomes viral, we easily forget about them in few days. Current example of these types of skill which is trending on social media is of a cook spilling salt on meat(#saltbae) and an ice cream vendor, do watch them. But sadly both of them are not from India, they are from middle east
  • Abhishek PariharPosted 7 months agocoming to my opinion on this ad, well this ad explains very much about the brand that they do pay gratitude to every single person, skilled or unskilled, who is working day and night and offering his/her service to the company. such ads generates a sense of belief among the customers about the work culture of the brand hence giving assurance about their services and products a well crafted ad
  • JatinPosted 7 months agoNice.
  • MeghaPosted 7 months agoJapan, one of the most prominent and largest automotive industries in the world. The Ad is Awesome. Sometimes the real true talent and sometimes the team work.
  • SharonPosted 6 months agoExcellent truly awesome
  • akshayPosted 6 months agoBakavas
  • kashmir SinghPosted 5 months agoVery Fentastic. and Well done.
  • loveyPosted 4 months agoAwesome job
  • Raju gogoiPosted 4 months agoI like
  • DharamveerPosted 4 months agoNice
  • DharamveerPosted 4 months agoNice very nice
  • AkankshaPosted 4 months agoNissan Caravan are really very good job with amazed method of doing. They are showing real power of "Unity" . You are absolutely right Only laborers and skilled workers hard work makes a country beautiful and easy life of civilians. Now it is time of India to give attention to these skill and by using it appreciate their our country.
  • MamtaPosted 4 months agoWow awesome
  • yagnikritaPosted 4 months agoIt is nice
  • sureshPosted 3 months agoI like to play this contest
  • Rajesh mauryaPosted 3 months agoAwesome
  • Pawan G. SuryawanshiPosted 3 months agoVery Good ...Nice...Like it...!
  • Vishal Nimbalkar Posted 2 months agoNice
  • Vishal Nimbalkar Posted 2 months agoNice
  • KnishiPosted 2 months agoAhahah wow amazing add
  • RajPosted 2 months agoBrilliant work !!!!!! Very experienced
  • RiyaPosted 2 months agoNICE innovative entertaining ad. So well projected and conceptualised for NISSAN Caravan. Marvelous.
  • nikithaPosted 2 months agosuperb
  • C Rajesh Posted 1 month agoJapanese are such hard working people and highly self-motivation, keep it up
  • Jyoti agarwalPosted 1 month agolabour are very essential for work and industry without them no work can be done the skilled labour are necessary to get benefit from the work and profit from business.Without labour an industry cant work ...
  • ObetoPosted 1 month agoIt's awsom
  • dineshPosted 1 month agoTruely speaking ..there was not any correlation between the video and the brand for which it was shown.this ad has been like all those who relate things out of nowhere . No doubt about Nissan ' s technology and its super quality products but one thing which I find missing in Nissan 's advertising is that they are missing reality curve which they need to take to let their brand rich a great height .they are world known and they should rely upon their product for success not 🎯 culture of Japan......we all know about hard working and innovative Japan but this is not a right way of branding and it does not suit to a company of such high status .
  • sanket pawarPosted 1 month agonice creativity
  • Inderjeet Singh galhotraPosted 4 weeks agoLove the idea for ad
  • krishnaveniPosted 3 weeks agoi love the Nissan's ad as its slogan says it's not a car it's a caaaar. i have watched this ad as many as its on tv ad, fb ad, you tube ad etc., love it
  • MehreenPosted 3 weeks agođź‘Ť
  • P. SureshPosted 1 week agoSuper Japan product


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