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Posted 1 year ago

There’s no denying that in today’s date, sporting activities have become increasingly popular as sources of recreation with cricket emerging as the ubiquitous favourite in India. To contrast the vast outreach of cricket in our nation, the US of A brings American football to the table with the National Football League (NFL) commanding the attention of millions of fans. The enormous pull that these 2 sports possess is exploited to the fullest during their individual premier sporting events: the Indian Premier League (IPL) in..er..India, and the Super Bowl in America.

The Super Bowl is America’s annual football championship game that is held in the late summer of every year.  Played on a Sunday, the day is almost treated as a de facto national holiday with the potential of raking in a billion spectators globally. On the other hand, the IPL needs no introduction to any Indian. Given our enormous strength of population, choosing to televise and sensationalize the league T20 format of India’s favourite religion/sport was truly a cha-cha-ching moment for advertisers, brands, teams, team owners, and channels alike. In 2016, viewership reached 335 million viewers!

Given the tremendous popularity of these events, it is not surprising that advertisers scramble for prime time slots to telecast their ads without any qualms about the substantial broadcast rates, often extending to millions and beyond.  Apart from the game itself, viewers are hooked on to the creative and catchy commercials that do the rounds when these lavish events are aired. Cases in point are the Wix.com and Mountain Dew Ads that arrested viewer’s attention with their unusual themes and engaging story lines during the Big Game of Super Bowl 2016. The Wix campaign drove home the fact that a smart advertisement has to be backed with a stunning website to boost sales.  The hilarious and eccentric ‘PuppyMonkeyBaby’ concept of Mountain Dew was bang on and had everyone going gaga about the motto – ‘Three is better than one’!



Closer home, the Maruti Alto, MakeMyTrip and Bournvita ads gripped the nation during IPL 2016 and garnered accolades by virtue of their creative concepts and heart-warming messages that struck a chord with many. While Maruti Alto celebrated the first ride of its 3 million loyal customers with its ‘Pehli Sawaari’ campaign, malted drink brand Bournvita went a step ahead and admonished the age old practice of judging a child’s merit with a report card score only and stressed upon the need to focus on the overall learning process. MakeMyTrip decided to touch upon the common dilemma of finding the right hotel and came up with an innovative theme to emphasise on the quick search feature of their app to locate and compare hotel prices, facilities etc. They also managed to enrol the services of 2 of India’s hottest crowd pulling Bollywood celebs – Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt. Indeed, much thought has gone into the making of these engaging ads and they are sure to keep us hooked as we gear up for another season of our favourite stress busters! 





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  • Jimmy JoyPosted 1 year agoFor me, the most impact during the IPL is the Vodafone ZooZoo ads during the IPL. The whole family loved the concept. Every product/service was explained so easily by action that you didn't need any voice over at all. I also think it's difficult to Compare the entire season of IPL to just ONE game of the Super Bowl. The ads during the SuperBowl are simply legendary (or hyped to be so) which leads to highest viewership levels culminating to most expensive ad time. But advertisers do make it a point to make it memorable. Indian ads too are up there creatively and the market is also responding to this it in a Big way. So it's basically good times with good ads and we are loving it.
  • meetPosted 1 year agoi like the ad and its caracter play most.
  • shikharPosted 1 year agopuppy monkey baby is the best one even better than zoo zoo
  • krishnaPosted 1 year agogood to see this ads
  • Mukthadeer Ahmad QaziPosted 1 year agoAwesome Ad
  • Swapnil PorwalPosted 1 year agoMountain dew ad is very awesome.
  • ankit sharma Posted 1 year agoawesome add.. I like that
  • AbudaudPosted 1 year agoNice ad
  • AnuragPosted 11 months agoNice
  • Mannu dixitPosted 9 months agoVery nice video.
  • shubhamPosted 8 months agoipl is most effective game in indian history. nobody can cross ipl in india.
  • GunchaPosted 8 months agoI liked this ad would like to see more ads
  • Abhishek PariharPosted 7 months agoSuperBowl event is the most marketed one in USA. And there are so many ads on youtube telecasted on superbowl and were massive hit. Especially those during Superbowl Sunday. Some the ads were never every telecasted because they were so sensitive to be shoown to masses. So, superbowl is known for its commercials, some are funny and some are really controversial. IPL on the other side, leaving Zoozoo or the IPL anthem itself never gained much hype from the comercial part, the one shown during matches the same regular TVCs we watch on TV every day, some are exclusive for IPL but they never gained such popularity. That mauka Mauka TVC during WC2015 was the best TVC ever telecasted during any cricket event(though it was not from IPL but still owes mentioning here). So I do not think that there is much of competition between IPL and Superbowl in terms of commercials as I have been regularly watching IPL from season one and I have shared some superbowl commmercials on FB. IPL never gained much popularity from its TVCs part and Superbowl's is identified for the same
  • ArtiPosted 5 months agoSuper bowling!
  • RiyaPosted 5 months agoDifferent totally = Puppy Monkey and Baby in one combined with humor and interest. Good to see a wave of fresh ideas into ad making.
  • DevisinhPosted 4 months agoall the advertisements are really very different and really clear with the concept of their love to watch.. must watch advertisement the team had done very great job.
  • Vishal Nimbalkar Posted 3 months agoI like it
  • Birjesh KumarPosted 3 months agoVery nice
  • Inderjeet Singh galhotraPosted 1 month agoNot a bad
  • nikithaPosted 1 month agothis ads are good and waiting to see more ads like this.
  • Krishnaveni KPosted 1 month agonice ads
  • lillykuttyPosted 11 hours agoI liked the monkey character best in this ad


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