About Us

We are NFX Digital,

the company that has created this unique website. Our site is all about a very simple idea. You have views on ad films, and brands want to know what you think, to help them design their campaigns. Your likes, your dislikes, your suggestions, your intentions to buy – all this is essential information to the people who create advertising.

In fact it is the best names in advertising who are behind this venture. Shivjeet Kullar, the well known ad guru, Prahalad Kakkar, the legendary ad film maker, Atul Kasbekar, India’s best photographer – they are all part of a 15 member Advertising and Consumer Council who have joined together to create this digital property.

The way it works is like this. Clients are charged a fee, which we translate into prizes and rewards to assemble an advertising consumer community.

This community has valued members such as you, who communicate ‘directly’ with the people responsible for the ad campaigns. So go ahead, show your ‘adytude’…the clients, brands, film makers and agencies are listening!

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