How to Play

Unsure about how to play and win on Adytude? Check out this video.

  1. If you're a new user, Sign up on

    The trick is to play every day so you can keep winning our cool merchandise from here.

  2. Fill out your profile page to earn AdCash. Track your profile completion status via the Profile Tracker at top of your profile page.

    PROTIP 1:
    Ensure you upload a valid Photo ID in the General Tab on your profile page, authenticate your email ID and phone number to ensure you are eligible for winning the next Grand Prize.

    PROTIP 2:
    Don't forget to choose the Grand Prize you want to play for. Note: You are not allowed to change your Grand Prize choice once the winner's selection process for that Quest has begun.

    • Home Appliance Hamper Worth Rs. 2 Lakh

    • Hi-Tech Hamper Worth Rs. 2 Lakh

    • Renault Kwid

    • Holiday Package via Make My Trip

  3. On your Quest Page, choose the set of two videos you wish to review daily and earn Ad Cash for your honest and meaningful responses to each question.

    Spam, gibberish and meaningless comments will lead to reduction in Ad Cash and/or disabling of your account. To ensure that doesn't happen, stay true to the game and have a blast! :)

  4. Once you have enough Ad Cash, redeem it for awesome merchandise from our rewards gallery here. You can track your mechandise order history from the My Redemptions page.

  5. To win the exciting Grand Prize of your choice, all you have to do is complete all the fun tasks in this Quest. Each quest comprises various levels of reviewing videos and other enjoyable tasks that you must complete to become eligible for the Grand Prize.

    PROTIP 3:
    In order to win the Grand Prize as well as merchandise from our Rewards Gallery ensure that your profile complete and accurate. Any discrepancies in profile information may lead to order cancellation and/or disqualification.

  6. Once you have completed the day's challenge on your quest page, we'd love for you to spend more time with us at Adytude Buzz and share your honest opinion.

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