FAQ's (frequently asked questions)

The Quest

  • What is a quest?
  • A quest is your journey through the set of videos you have to review to qualify to win the grand prize (a car, superbike or 22K gold worth INR 2 lakhs) of your choice. A quest contains various levels under which you unlock a series of videos and fun, surprise tasks that you must review fairly..
  • What does ‘Today’s Challenge’ mean?
  • Today’s Challenge consists of two ads that a viewer has to watch and rate to complete that day’s tasks. This is a mandatory step to move forward in the game and earn rewards.
  • What kinds of questions are asked about an ad/ video?
  • The questions simply seek your honest opinion on the videos shown. The more honest and detailed your responses, the higher your chances of winning the grand prize of your choice. The bonus question after every review, however, has one correct answer. If you answer a bonus question incorrectly, your points (Ad Cash) will be deducted.
  • Is there a limit on the number of ads/ videos I can review in a day?
  • Yes, you can rate only two videos per day. After you’ve reviewed each video there is an option available to you to answer a bonus question. If you get the bonus question right, you get twenty extra points (Ad Cash). However, if you answer the bonus question incorrectly, twenty points (Ad Cash) will be deducted from your Ad Cash total.
  • Can I play the game without signing up?
  • The first two ads can be rated without signing up after which it is mandatory to sign up in order to earn points and redeem them for fun merchandise. You are only eligible for your welcome gift once you’ve registered.
  • How do I track my progress in the game?
  • Your quest page will give you a constant update on your progress in the quest. It’ll help you keep a track of the number of videos you need to review in order to qualify to win the grand prize of your choice. Your quest and level pages also tell you about the points you’ve earned, the merchandise you’ve redeemed, and the quest level you are at.
  • What is a bonus question?
  • After each video has been reviewed, you can earn 20 extra points (Ad Cash) by answering the bonus question correctly. However, if you answer it incorrectly, 20 points will be subtracted from your total score. The bonus question is typically some trivia about the ad (video) or the brand.
  • If I want to change my answer after I’ve submitted my responses, can I go back and change it?
  • No, you cannot.
  • What is Acu Score?
  • The Acu score is the closeness of the ratings given by you for an ad to the average rating given by all the other respondents. The Acu score does not indicate the correctness of your answer. It just shows how close or how unique your response is.
  • If I’m not active for more than a month will my account get terminated?
  • No it will not. But we will miss you so come back and play with us :)
  • What are the mandatory rules I need to follow to be eligible to win the grand prize?
  • Keep giving us honest insightful reviews/comments regularly, complete the mandatory levels required and your profile section in the minimum possible time and you will qualify to win the grand prize of your choice.

The Grand Prize

  • What is ‘The Grand Prize’?
  • The grand prize is what you stand to win at the end of every quest once you qualify. You can choose among a car, a superbike and 22K Gold worth INR 2 lakhs.
  • How do I win the grand prize of my choice?
  • Simply complete reviewing all the videos in all the levels mandatory for eligibility, upload a valid ID proof, complete your profile accurately and voila! You stand a chance to win the grand prize of your choice.

Ad Cash

  • What is Ad Cash?
  • For every video you review, you earn points (i.e. Ad Cash) that you can use to redeem rewards from the rewards gallery.
  • How do I earn Ad Cash?
  • You earn Ad Cash by reviewing ads (playing the day’s challenge) and filling your profile section properly. The more sections you update, the more Ad Cash you earn.
  • Can I earn cash in lieu of AD Cash?
  • No, you cannot earn cash instead of Ad Cash. You can use this Ad Cash in the Rewards Gallery Section to redeem it for fun, quirky merchandise such as online vouchers from popular e-commerce stores and much more.


  • What if I get a broken product?
  • We take a lot of precaution to make sure the product (merchandise) reaches you in one piece; therefore, chances of it being broken are slim. Please send us a picture of the broken product at merchandise@adytude.com and we will get back to you.
  • Can I change my choice of merchandise after having ordered it?
  • No, once you’ve ordered your merchandise you cannot change it.
  • Do I need to fill in my full address to win a free online voucher as well?
  • Yes, you must fill in your complete details to win a free online voucher and any other merchandise you redeem. If you share an incomplete/ incorrect address, your order is will be cancelled.


  • Can I be disqualified from a quest for any reason?
  • Yes, you can. If you share incomplete/incorrect information about yourself, give an invalid ID proof, share invalid, rude, and abusive or spam comments and responses or do anything that may be against the policies of the site, you can be disqualified from a quest. To make sure you aren’t, all you have to do is update your profile page accurately and provide meaningful reviews.
  • Is it possible that some of my actions lead to a decrease in Ad Cash?
  • Yes, spamming and posting irrelevant/ SPAM/ Gibberish comments or reviews can lead to a decrease in your Ad Cash. We expect substantial and meaningful reviews and comments in order to avoid reductions in Ad Cash.

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