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Absolut Greyhound

Posted 2 years ago

The story of the Absolut Vodka campaign that lasted for over 25 years, is one of the most unique and famous print projects ever. It was extremely important to give the bottle a modern day feel and yet not lose out on its classic appeal. The first print ad was launched in 1980, which displayed the now iconic Absolut bottle with a halo placed above it and the messaging said, “ABSOLUT PERFECTION.” There was nothing fancy about the ad but its messaging clearly indicated that it was the complete package. Art director Adam Geoff Hays of TBWA was the man who put this simple yet revolutionary idea in to motion after a marketing team member chanced upon a Swedish medicine bottle lying in an antique shop whose design had not been changed in over a century. Ever since then, all the Absolut ads that followed, replicated the same idea. The author of the books, “ABSOLUT SEQUEL” and “ABSOLUT BOOK”, Richard W. Lewis said, “While the Absolut advertising campaign has 2,000 faces, it’s still a singular idea.” It’s been over 30 years since the first Absolut ad was published and they have all stood out exclusively ever since.


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  • amita rgPosted 2 years agovery messy and fast ad
  • rickenPosted 2 years agogood ade
  • ashwani sharmaPosted 2 years agovery messy ... ummm
  • HarshidaPosted 2 years agoI love the beats ..absolut perfection
  • Ankita ChoudharyPosted 2 years agoA person won't get the ad at once.. Its too fast
  • aarti MishraPosted 1 year agoNICE ANIMATION IN ADD
  • koolPosted 1 year agoVery gud
  • Mukthadeer Ahmad QaziPosted 1 year agonice
  • Sandip GuptaPosted 1 year agoNot able to understand What they wanted to say in this Ad.
  • Phaniraj BhattPosted 1 year agoMore than the AD Maker, I' ve suggestions to make to the one who has designed the "Absolut Vodka Bottle"....the bottle has most un-attractive appeal... it rather looks like a 'Glycerine Bottle' . Of-course the AD Maker has done a good job from the point of view that, only vodka drinkers will be able to draw the message !!!
  • Firoz SaifiPosted 1 year agoAbsolut Fantastic AD
  • pravin ChoudharyPosted 1 year agoLoving it
  • ravikiranreddyPosted 1 year agonice music
  • ashwani sharmaPosted 1 year agoNICE ANIMATION IN ADD
  • Rajendra PrasadPosted 1 year agowhats going on...? not able to understand...
  • Puja GuptaPosted 1 year agoI do think packaging can be made more attractive and appealing. Ad has more scope of improvement
  • jitender kunduPosted 1 year agomusic as well as content really impressive..
  • Vijender KumarPosted 1 year agoNice Expression from this ad for a Alcohol.
  • Kalachand PanjaPosted 1 year agoNice add
  • Kalachand PanjaPosted 1 year agoAwesome waa amazing
  • MaggiPosted 1 year agoThat's what vodka does! love it.
  • Sumit Chauhan Posted 1 year agoI don't drink Alcohol or even vodka because it also contain some amount of Alcohol. Talking about the ad , I like the way they shown the technology with music.
  • sasive09Posted 1 year agofastad
  • jitesh kumarPosted 1 year agonice1
  • Kalachand PanjaPosted 1 year agoGood one
  • manish talrejaPosted 1 year agoTHIS ADD IT IS A VERY NICE
  • arun deoPosted 1 year agonice
  • Swapnil PorwalPosted 1 year agoVery fast and the beat is superb
  • zeeshanPosted 1 year agoVery nice watch
  • Megha modiPosted 1 year agovery fast but I loved it
  • Rishi ModiPosted 1 year agoVERY FAST AD
  • Megha SonuPosted 1 year agoNice annimation
  • krishnaPosted 1 year agoLooking new
  • MamtaPosted 4 months agoVery messy
  • Inderjeet Singh galhotraPosted 3 weeks agoGood
  • Krishnaveni KPosted 1 week agogood animation and good ad.


Its a CAAAR indeed!

Posted 2 years ago

30 Likes / 17 Favourites / 27 comments

Dancing Monks

Posted 2 years ago

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Neeti Palta wants to know where the fat women are?

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