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Posted 11 months ago

This TVC was created right in the middle of the IPL season, focussing on the fun and enjoyment of the masses for the same. The idea was to introduce the new Cadbury Fuse while projecting a fun side to both the cricketers which can be enjoyable for the viewers.

In this TVC, we can see how the two cricketers are hungry and tired after their practice. Meanwhile, they come across a kid who is a big fan of them. But guess what lured them more than the fan moment? It’s the Cadbury Fuse which the kid had been holding in his hand. The two cricketers in return decided to lure him by offering him one of their autographed merchandise in return but at the end they got fooled by the kid because the kid had only been holding an empty wrapper in his hand.



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  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 11 months agovery interesting ad
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 11 months agothe ad was very interesting and enjoyable
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 11 months agoCADBURY CVHOCOLET IS MOST FAVOURATE
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 11 months agocadbury fuse , very tasty
  • ClaraPosted 11 months agoit's not Hunger that can make you do anything, however big by status you are. Its the quality of food of your favourite choice which can make you do anything I love this AD
  • sivanvisnu1994@gmail.comPosted 11 months agodon't go so far hungers fuse too taste
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 11 months agoMANGO ICE CREAM , I LIKE IT
  • GayathryPosted 11 months agoI LIKE IT
  • vaibhav maliPosted 11 months agodelicious chocolate
  • BalkrushnaPosted 11 months agoGood ad
  • BalkrushnaPosted 11 months agoInteresting and enjoyable
  • Jayshriba RathodPosted 11 months agoYahi hai right choice of your love for amazing chocolate, Aha !
  • RaviPosted 11 months agoGood
  • sunil kumar jakharPosted 11 months agofunniest ad
  • Gaurav kokatePosted 11 months agoComedy ad
  • Nisha SharmaPosted 11 months agogreat concept and dialogues.!
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 11 months agoCadbury is famous worldwise
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 11 months agoKID FAVOURATE
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 11 months agonice
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 10 months agofine
  • vaibhav maliPosted 10 months agoI Like It
  • LOKESHPosted 10 months agoGood Ad
  • Gaurav BishtPosted 10 months agonice
  • Gaurav BishtPosted 10 months agonice
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 10 months agoDove is good
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 10 months agocadbury fuse is really has good taste
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 10 months agoice cream vadilal ke ! bahut achha
  • Sanjay VermaPosted 10 months agosuper
  • Nikhil ParmarPosted 10 months agonice concept and picturisation telling the weakness of celebrity and how to become celebrity's Celebrity hahahah
  • Radha KrishnaPosted 10 months agoThe Urge to taste your favorite chocolate ................ will get you desperate to do funny things
  • jayprakashPosted 10 months agocadbury fuse , very tasty
  • GANAPATHY RAMANPosted 10 months agowaggery Advertisement
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 10 months agoAll product of cadbury are delicious and tasty
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 10 months agoFAMOUS PRODUCTS AS OF NOW
  • Nirmal singh sidhuPosted 10 months agoSuper
  • AbhijeetPosted 10 months agointresting ad
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 10 months agoCadbury ! Fine
  • Rocking manishPosted 10 months agoChocolate ty
  • lakshminarayanaPosted 10 months agoAd is like a wow!! These major companies are investing in these ads that's making the chocolates so costly..opposite to the decline in the prices of resources they use.
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 10 months agoGOOD AD
  • DivyaPosted 10 months agoNice ad
  • ApurvaPosted 10 months agoCadbury fuse in the ad seems to be yummy..
  • Nirmal singh sidhuPosted 10 months agoVgggggggggggggg
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 10 months agocadbury fuse is enjoyable
  • kulwinder singhPosted 10 months agoINTERESTED ADD ....FUSE
  • NAZMAPosted 10 months agolovely ad
  • NAZMAPosted 10 months agoyummy
  • ChristinaPosted 10 months agonice ad can be watched again and again
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 10 months agobadia ad
  • ApurvaPosted 10 months agoNice add. fan of yovu
  • Pawan G. SuryawanshiPosted 9 months agoNice adds .....like "hunger ki bajado....!!!"
  • Choudhary Chetan DevaramPosted 9 months agoFunny ad
  • kulwinder singhPosted 9 months agoFUNNY AND SWEET ADS
  • Vaibhav BanePosted 9 months agoSUPERB AD
  • Vaibhav BanePosted 9 months agoLIKE IT SO MUCH
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 9 months agocadbury common ad
  • sampathkumarPosted 9 months agoTastefull
  • sampathkumarPosted 9 months agoCheerfull forallages
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 9 months agocadbury fuse is tasty
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 9 months agolike
  • MuthukumarPosted 9 months agoThis ad is enjoyable and gives good information about Cadbury fuse
  • MuthukumarPosted 9 months agothis ad is interesting
  • AravindhanPosted 9 months agogood and interesting
  • Karthik rajaPosted 9 months agoYummy fuse
  • Rajamannar SrinivasanPosted 9 months agoFun ans Quite Interesting One
  • Meera ChotaiPosted 9 months agofuse with nuts tasty and healthy
  • SANJAY BHAVSARPosted 9 months agowow
  • VinayakPosted 9 months agoThis ad tells the interesting fact about hungerness of a human being irrespective of position he holds.
  • ariyanayakasundaramPosted 9 months agonice and cute
  • ariyanayakasundaramPosted 9 months agonice ad
  • Rukshana majraPosted 9 months agoHaha .. awesome.. love the expressions
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 9 months agoawesome product
  • Subba Rao BadarlaPosted 9 months agoFun watching
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 9 months agoawesome ad
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 9 months agoprotinex is healthy product
  • Basudev MukherjeePosted 9 months agogood ad.
  • SmitaPosted 9 months agoI ad was very interesting and enjoyable I like very much
  • Santanu HalderPosted 9 months agoNICE
  • vaqarPosted 9 months agowow
  • umesh sharmaPosted 9 months agonice
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 9 months agoEvery body know about the global product
  • gnanakirubakaranPosted 9 months agobest fun i love enjoying
  • Ravi hasijaPosted 9 months agoVery funny
  • NAZMAPosted 9 months agogood ad
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 8 months agoMilk is milk belongs to north or south all are same I like the product
  • AnjaliPahwaPosted 8 months agovery interesting ad
  • gnanakirubakaranPosted 8 months agonice add like it
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 8 months agoFunny ad
  • Rohit keshriPosted 8 months agoCadbury is a very old and very popular brand, famous among most of the countries. Its product are awesome and healthy. One of the sports legend himself doing the adversitement for this brand them you all can think and related that how healthy it should be. But remember one thing excess of anything is dangerous.
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 8 months agoOnly drinks every body likes
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 8 months agoIt is a good ad
  • Raj ShivharePosted 8 months agoquite good but could be more realistic.
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 8 months agoCadbury is best and genuine
  • prakashPosted 8 months agovery taste sweets
  • Tamanna jainPosted 8 months agoloved it
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 8 months agoOnly Cadbury
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 8 months agoFunny and interesting ad
  • lavishaPosted 8 months agomy favourite chocolate
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 8 months agofuse are vtasty
  • AnnamalaiPosted 8 months agoFun
  • MadanPosted 8 months agoSuper yeasty chocolate
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 8 months agocadbury fuse is tasty
  • lakhveer kaurPosted 8 months agovery interesting and attractive ad
  • JayaraniPosted 8 months agoVery impression
  • Javed khanPosted 7 months agoCadbury ummmmahh..
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 7 months agoenjoyable and interesting ad.
  • priya Posted 7 months agoIts a fun and enjoyable ad at the same time makes you remember the product.
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 7 months agocadbury fuse is very nice
  • ChithuramPosted 7 months agoLove it youraj also
  • REENA RAJANPosted 7 months agoThat's a neat trick in getting their attention and their merchandise. Cool ad and Cadbury fuse tastes great but snickers tastes better
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 7 months agocadbury fuse is best
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 7 months agoGOOD
  • RashminPosted 7 months agonice
  • AnupamaPosted 7 months agoThe ad proves that hunger and Cadbury fuse are two opposite poles of a magnet. Afterall opposite poles attract.
  • Shashikiran MysaPosted 7 months agoNice ad
  • girija Shankar TripathyPosted 7 months agoThe ad could have been better...
  • Aman NamdevPosted 7 months agoits so funny
  • vijayadsulPosted 7 months agoit's awosome brand i like it very much, i will try u also try.
  • KaviprasadPosted 7 months agoCadbury fuse very tasty... Children's like taste of fuse
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 7 months agoAwesome
  • PallaviPosted 6 months agoVery nice comedy video. I saw this video on tv n mostly on youtube. Thanks
  • SasiPosted 6 months agoSuperb ad
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 6 months agoIce cream I like very much.
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 6 months agoI like very much
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 6 months agointeresting
  • Srinivasa murthyPosted 6 months agoAdvertisment seems in hurry, but nice ad.
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 6 months agogreat concept
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 6 months agoGood ad
  • Anima Posted 6 months agoVery good
  • Siddharth khandkarPosted 6 months agolangar for hunger
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 6 months agoCadbury fuse I s very tasty
  • pavanichinni2@gmail.comPosted 6 months agofunny
  • Radhika kubal Posted 6 months agoThis ad makes everyone eat the chocolate. Best
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 6 months agoGood ad
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 6 months agoCadbury fuse is goof
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 6 months agoFunny sd
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 6 months agoNice
  • cheerla PurushothamPosted 5 months agoCadbury fuse is a very tasty ???? so that man eated it Super ad
  • SaciPosted 5 months agoEntertaining ad
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 5 months agoAwesome
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 5 months agovery interesting and amazing
  • abdul rahman bin husseinPosted 5 months agoi love it
  • RAVI KUMARPosted 5 months agobest add
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 5 months agonice
  • Rishabh YadavPosted 5 months agoall over best
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 5 months agoFuse is tasty
  • Rishabh YadavPosted 5 months agobest add
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 5 months agoCadbury fuse very very tasty and nice to eat
  • khushboo kheskaniPosted 5 months agoGood ad but can be more better!
  • Aakansha GargPosted 5 months agoThis advertisment was introduce during the IPL Session. They focusing on hunger between the match and some fun while they eating Cadbury Fuse Chocolate. This chocolate is make with Hand Picked Peanuts and with Caramel.
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 5 months agoDelicious chocolate
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 5 months agoI like very much
  • Maurya RamprakashPosted 5 months agonice ad
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 5 months agocadbury is an international brand
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 4 months agoFuse is best
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 4 months agoNice
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 4 months agochoose the fuse and fulfill your taste . I like
  • chandu mPosted 4 months agoFuse...
  • AadilPosted 4 months agoNice very good
  • Anirudh p.m.Posted 4 months agoOmg shayan in cadbury fuse ad . He is one of the youtubers.
  • Anirudh p.m.Posted 4 months agoEven yuvraj sing is good
  • Anirudh p.m.Posted 4 months agoI mean Yuvraj singh is also good
  • Rajat SoodPosted 4 months agovery smart and tricky ad
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 4 months agoGood quality and favourite
  • Rishabh YadavPosted 3 months agovery interesting ad
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 3 months agoAwesome
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 3 months agoCadbury fuse is mostly liked by kids
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 3 months agoQuality of food that help everyone
  • inthiyaz khan abdulPosted 3 months agoVery very tasty as well as healthy also...
  • REENA RAJANPosted 3 months agocool and funny!!:)
  • mukeshPosted 3 months agofuse this amazing choclate
  • inthiyaz khan abdulPosted 2 months agoDelicious tasty chocolate
  • DEEPIKAPosted 2 months agoStar of the Stars-'Fuse'.
  • NIhalPosted 2 months agoNice
  • saurabhPosted 2 months agoFuse confuse jar gaya
  • sourodeep gond Posted 2 months agonice video
  • Dodda karthikPosted 2 months agoCadbuary fuse is very tasty and delicious chocolate and also decrease our hungry levels
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 1 month agocadbury fuse is a best
  • Arihant Posted 1 month agoit is most loved cadbury chocolate by me ,,ad was intresting and clear .it would be better if ther were some offer on it
  • Nabakumar GhoshPosted 1 month agoi like this chocolate
  • LokeshPosted 1 month agolike it
  • SANTOSH SHARMAPosted 1 month agogreat ad, idea is awsome
  • AjiteshK95Posted 1 month agoHunger even fools our cricketers, so take fuse to subdue hunger!
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 1 month agoCadbury fuse is tasty
  • HareshPosted 1 month agoNice ad. Though fun and all Cadbury Fuse remain prominant.
  • Harshad PatelPosted 1 month agoNice ad
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 1 month agoDelicious chocolate bar is always nice
  • D T RPosted 1 month agoVERY FUNNI
  • ajithPosted 1 month agonice add
  • Ponnuri Ganesh Durgarao Posted 1 month agoVery nice add
  • Rishabh YadavPosted 1 month agoVERY very intrested site
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 1 month agoBest chocolate
  • DiyaPosted 4 weeks agoVery nice ad
  • MecklinPosted 3 weeks agoI'm feeling hungry now
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 3 weeks agoCadbury fuse is tasty
  • SahilPosted 3 weeks agoI like it. Cadbury is my favourite
  • Aravindan vPosted 2 weeks agofunny interesting
  • FRANCIS ONYEAMA Posted 2 weeks agoThis advert is first class,and this Cadbury fuse chocolate is good and specially made for sports people for quick recovery, I love this product, I will not miss eating it daily
  • Sudhir SharmaPosted 2 weeks agoamazing kid and great Cadbury
  • NeetikaPosted 2 weeks agofunny ad.
  • Sadaf khanPosted 2 weeks agoIt's a kind of funny , yet delicious at the same time. Love the fuse????..
  • KabirPosted 1 week agomy favourite chocolate
  • vivinPosted 1 week agowow great ad
  • Suraj ShekharPosted 1 week agoReally fascinating AD
  • rahulPosted 6 days agoyuvraj is a good actor as well
  • Kumar JhaPosted 4 days agoAwesome advertisement.


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