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Kid'ding around on TV!

Posted 8 years ago

For years, even the products consumed by children, produced ads that were made for and about their mothers. These ads usually showed a woman her responsibilities and duties towards her child’s well-being. But now, the tables have turned.

There is no dearth of television commercials today that star kids, whether the product is a Samsung mobile phone or refrigerated transportation of goods for Ingersoll Rand. It's like the ad world has finally realised how important a role children play in the final sales process.

Such a change is visible because kids add to ads in ways adults can’t. A kid represents lightness and happiness. They relay a sense of innocence and optimism, a brighter future.

Take the case of Tata’s Voltas ACs, the use of children made their message funnier and hence, easier to remember. This was important for a brand like Tata, which has a no-nonsense reputation.

Flipkart came out with a series of ads with children enacting adult predicaments. The ads were witty, yet sold the product well

Nowadays, the majority of ads you see on the television have children starring in them. It’s a trend that looks like it’s here to stay.

Think it’s unfair to use children to sell products? Think everything’s fair in love, war and the ad world? Tell us about it.


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  • Sandip GuptaPosted 8 years agoAdults love act of kids and that's why people will love to watch ads performed by Kids.
  • amita grgPosted 8 years agoits good to see children's talent
  • upasanaPosted 8 years agoCute add
  • Phaniraj BhattPosted 8 years agoA lot of viewers I have seen, have the habit of pressing the mute button during AD time. So AD makers need to focus on visuals more than the Voice content. Objective is to see to that more viewers watch the AD. When they see Big B, Kareena, Kajol, Ranveer.... the tendency to unmute is relatively high.
  • sajid silawatPosted 8 years agoOnline shopping its great at flipkart.
  • Atul VohraPosted 8 years agoCool.
  • Swapan PanjaPosted 8 years agoCatchy thought of using children in AD. it hardly matter for the company whether it is adult or children , as long as there niche product sell at the market, ultimate ly there motive and purpose is solved. Some highly talented children is giving tough time to there elder, watchout , and why should elder have all the fun?
  • VINITA AGARWALPosted 8 years agoWe notice here a total role reversal with kids taking on the lead roles. So boisterous and energetic to voice out their concerns and viewpoints! No doubt Flipkart is the amazing portal to shop online and the debate shown here regarding the efficacy and reliability of Flipkart further strengthens the credibility. Flipkart is the finest online store, no doubt. All the products are extremely original and authentic. The girl child is correct that there is no way we can touch and feel the commodities but dear what is the reviews and testimonials for?? We must, prior to shopping, read up the clients' reviews of the past to narrow down our searches. I have personally bought too many products from Flipkart and enjoyed all coz i think i shopped smartly after going through the product specifications, reviews very minutely and meticulously. Now, coming to the packing, it is superb. No one can ever tamper with the goods ordered in the midway. On time delivery of the products is another positive feature of the shopping portal. Attractive discount available over almost all the products makes me drool over the items. I love FlipKart..<3..<3
  • Puja GuptaPosted 8 years agoGreat one. Nice performance by children.
  • Swapnil PorwalPosted 8 years agoNowadays children are get more attention because of their cuteness a honest acting skill and flipkart is the best example.
  • zeeshanPosted 8 years agoClassic
  • Rishi ModiPosted 8 years agoWE ALL LOVE KIDS TALENT GOOD AD
  • Megha SonuPosted 8 years agoVery cute
  • krishnaPosted 7 years agoFlikart is good
  • shubhamPosted 7 years agoFlipkart came out with a series of ads with children enacting adult predicaments. The ads were witty, yet sold the product well Nowadays, the majority of ads you see on the television have children starring in them. It’s a trend that looks like it’s here to stay.
  • R.RajeshPosted 7 years agofantastic picture
  • RiyaPosted 7 years agoOk Ad. Not a very memorable long term kinds Children should not be used in promotions specially out of the way unrelated kinds,,,,doesnt seem natural.
  • MamtaPosted 7 years agoAwesome app
  • MamtaPosted 6 years agoFlipkart best shopping option
  • Inderjeet Singh galhotraPosted 6 years agoGood
  • krishnaveniPosted 6 years agoconcept of kids is really wow. each and everyone likes this ad.
  • Melvin TomPosted 6 years agoMind blowing, Boblastic and supercool ad
  • RahulPosted 6 years agohahhahaha, really all childrens are so telented
  • RahulPosted 5 years agocute add, talented children's
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 5 years agochidren are future cityzen so adult love children and kids
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 5 years agokid ad is better
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 5 years agochildren used for ad for relevant item of children
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 5 years agodefinitely kids ad will be extra interest of adults
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 4 years agovoltas products are long lasting
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 4 years agoOnline shopping or flipcart is deshi co. We should love.


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