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Mad Hatters:Stand-up comedy on Ads these days. With Neeti Palta

Posted 1 year ago

Fall of your chair laughing as renowned stand up comedian, Neeti Palta explains how advertisers use women in every ad to increase it's appeal. Even when they have no connect with the advertisement! 


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  • umesh rajputPosted 1 year agoya its true dono ki setting ho sakti hai
  • Swapnil PorwalPosted 1 year agoThey use women in the ad because they just want to attract views from us and everybody using this formula to attract attention to their ad.
  • arun deoPosted 1 year agonice
  • Nikhil ParmarPosted 1 year agoWell the overall idea of using a women as garnishing element is this that if the women get attracted while watching the ad can demand the product to related with her and on the other hand it is used as a tool to attract more and more men by generating the interest against the opposite gender. so this garnishing is what used as magnet for getting the center of attraction only.
  • SunjoyKRGPosted 1 year agoWell, everybody out there's making a living: the ad. guys who made the ad., the cement mfrr. who got the brand promoted and the comedian who's making fun of it. Having said that, women get quick attention especially if the tg is rural, small towns/ semi-urban. Given the high advertising costs one has to convey a point in few seconds unless you're an mnc with deep pockets, who can hire stars and run long commercials.
  • Swapnil PorwalPosted 1 year agoshe really tell the truth about making the ad I think
  • RAMESH PONNANAPosted 1 year agogood questioning
  • Devang RathodPosted 1 year agosuperb
  • Swapnil PorwalPosted 1 year agoShe make fun of every ad and put us smile on our face.
  • ashwani sharmaPosted 1 year agoyes it is very true they use women only for attractions in the ads
  • Parul Gupta Posted 1 year agoA very good way to tell the truth.
  • Amit Gupta Posted 1 year agoTruth describing ad.
  • sajid silawatPosted 1 year agosuper cool amazing.
  • zeeshanPosted 1 year agoVery ad
  • Kaushik MedhiPosted 1 year agoNice dialog at the end Dono ki setting ho sakti hai. Huhh !
  • Phaniraj BhattPosted 1 year agoThe AD Makers understand the law of nature..."Men's eye can be cemented to the screens when there's a women on the other end" !....jab parde pe Neeti Palta ho... to aadmi ka Niyat Palat jati hai...!!! :-)
  • Sumit Chauhan Posted 1 year agoI agree with Neeti Palta.They just showcase women in every other ad so that more people will attract without looking for any connections in their ads.
  • Megha modiPosted 1 year agoNice
  • Ganesh Vasudevan NairPosted 1 year agowell gender can be a boost!!
  • VINOD K RAUTPosted 1 year agoThere should be a monitoring / regulatory authority to check the relationship of woman in ad and the product for which the ad is being prepared. Afterall, it is an insult to a womanhood and should be treated as offence..
  • Rishi ModiPosted 1 year agoWomen are attractive So they are chosen
  • Rajesh JainPosted 1 year agouse women for attractions for the brand
  • Kaushik Chandra MedhiPosted 1 year agoCool Ad, Nice perspective.
  • Alex Guia RebelloPosted 1 year agoIts Time we change our attitude and outlook and respect women for what they are and not use them in ads as mere objects to garner attention
  • Megha SonuPosted 1 year agosuper cool amazing.
  • sagar reddyPosted 1 year agoi agree with her
  • Md Arsad AyubPosted 1 year agoNice
  • sajid silawatPosted 1 year agoNice one its women ads about.
  • mitulPosted 1 year agoNice
  • vigneshPosted 1 year agoDkfx
  • vigneshPosted 1 year agoT
  • pradeep merawatPosted 1 year agoyaa ho sakti ha
  • khushal viradiyaPosted 1 year agoAbsolutely right , I agree with her.
  • Shamsheer KhanPosted 1 year agoSuperb
  • Liyakatali ansariPosted 1 year agogood add
  • UMA SHANKAR BARUAHPosted 1 year agoOur ad agencies needs overhaul in terms of poor mentality
  • ShellyPosted 1 year agoIt's very true. I agree with Neeti Paltaji. Ad making agencies should not do these types of cheap activities.
  • yaman asadPosted 1 year agoYES THIS IC CALLED BUSINESS
  • harshavardhanreddyPosted 1 year agoya its real
  • jyothiPosted 1 year agoEVERY THING IS IN THE WOMENS HANDS
  • Ekta GoenkaPosted 1 year agoSuperb Ad and its true also Women can define well products and attract customers
  • Anil Sarkar Posted 1 year agoI think this is simply awesome! Delivery of my free gifts was super fast... and redemption points have totalled to bag the gift of my choice. Dunno about the grand finale^ though. If you believe then miracles do happen.
  • jyothiPosted 1 year agoeven the great person can born from the mother( women)s womb
  • sreedharreddyPosted 1 year agonothing is greater then woman
  • niharikareddyPosted 1 year agowomen is every where
  • rubeena begamPosted 1 year agoBecause women is not garnishing. Shes actually main ingredient like salt.and add makers betterly understand this thing .
  • yaman asadPosted 1 year agoEverything is fair to promote the ads And women are must whether it requires or not Today's thought
  • U KPosted 1 year agoNeeti at her best as always. Had met her on the women's day function this year. She is down to earth and too funny .. :)
  • SaiPosted 11 months agoNice
  • deepaPosted 11 months agoyes women attract more viewers,
  • Rishi ModiPosted 11 months agoThis Ad is really good and attractive
  • Swapnil PorwalPosted 11 months agoThey use women to increase their company viewership in the market.
  • shikharPosted 11 months agocomplete logical thing.They use women in 2 piece almost in every -duo,garments,holiays,etc.Some may refer but many are out of place.Ek ne daala to sab daalenge.that's the thing they use not mateer what the add is.
  • ShyamPosted 11 months agonice
  • vaibhav kumarPosted 11 months agoWomen get more attention than men
  • Rahul kalalPosted 10 months agoLoveing
  • Gopi Chand DarakPosted 10 months agowomen in bikini can grab your attention on higher buy or not doesn't matter but you can remember the brand name with that bikini women in your mind.
  • Minal BPosted 10 months agoWould love to see the whole episode, but can't comment on the women holding a bag of cement ad cause it looks like from some foreign country. Am sure Indian ads won't feature anything, as silly as this but there may be some to prove me wrong.
  • AmithPosted 10 months agogood questioning
  • NagajyothiPosted 10 months agowomen in advertisements are used without a meaning or women do advertisements just to make money
  • mousamiPosted 10 months agoTruth..
  • jagriti mishraPosted 10 months agoBest idea..
  • basheer khan patanPosted 10 months agoyah i too agree
  • ritesh ranjanPosted 10 months agonice joke...
  • KAUSHIK GARAIPosted 10 months agoIts true
  • Dimple ChoudhuryPosted 10 months agoIt is realy true? LOL!
  • Anil Kumar SadaranganiPosted 10 months agoThey use women in the ad because they just want to attract views from us and everybody using this formula to attract attention to their ad.
  • Rupa Chandra PradhanPosted 10 months agoIt's true,i'm also confused why ad gurus prefer woman for ads Women can grab attention
  • suresh reddyPosted 10 months agoits true
  • jagannath beheraPosted 10 months agonice
  • jagannath beheraPosted 10 months agook
  • krishnaPosted 10 months agoWomen really apt
  • chandani P ParmarPosted 10 months agonice
  • krishnaPosted 10 months agoThey think women to attract
  • RahulPosted 10 months agoNice
  • Anjali PandeyPosted 10 months agowomen have always been used as a show-piece be it ads or movies!
  • lokesh kumarPosted 10 months agoSHE REALLY SUPERB
  • SAT WINDER KAURPosted 10 months agoVry true
  • RahulPosted 10 months agoThis is the very good way to tell the truth
  • Sweta Nikhilkumar solankiPosted 10 months agoNice think
  • Raoof MohiuddinPosted 10 months agosome people attracts by ad becz of women some people even go to shop thinking about women will be there it seem .
  • Udit Pratap KujurPosted 9 months agotrue, ha ha ha
  • Vijay HarsoraPosted 9 months agoWomen are the Best at "wooing".... but sometimes the Ad makers get it completely Wrong and hence MISMATCH OF product to be advertised doesnt need Women at all and so its devastating to promote such products.
  • KAUSHIK GARAIPosted 9 months agoVery Nice to say "Dono ki setting ho sakti hai"
  • Chanchal DasPosted 9 months agoYes Agree
  • Manoj BansalPosted 9 months agoit's high time now ad agencies and clients have to really come up with real positioning of their products and not with anything just to to come on TV.
  • Manoj BansalPosted 9 months agoit's high time now ad agencies and clients have to really come up with real positioning of their products and not with anything just to to come on TV.
  • Gobala Krishnan Posted 9 months agoExplanation is good and true.
  • Rahul kalalPosted 9 months agoOwsm
  • jpdeviPosted 9 months agoThey wants to show the advertisement more attractive with the help of women.
  • vaibhav kumarPosted 8 months agoEveryone knows woman get more attention than man thats why advertisers give their ads to woman more than man.
  • Manish RathiPosted 8 months agoBindaas bolne ka
  • salman haidetPosted 8 months agoAdd bnane ki sacchai
  • Ashutosh SharmaPosted 8 months agogone r the days when a 'pretty' women face or an 'ad' catching 'magnet' in form of a sexy body was needed. These days, consumer is quite a smart cookie to crack!
  • AnuragPosted 8 months agoThats true to add glamour in ad even which is not needed and irrelevant..
  • Soumen SinhaPosted 8 months agoHiHi Funny
  • Vishwas sansanwalPosted 8 months agoNice one
  • SumitPosted 7 months agohmmm
  • Ganesh Vasudevan NairPosted 7 months agowithout ad's are like paint without color!!!
  • shikharPosted 7 months agoLogic what Indian advertisement creators have lost
  • Ganesh Vasudevan NairPosted 7 months agodepends on the ad
  • AmithPosted 7 months agoGood
  • rameshPosted 7 months agoNice
  • Ganesh Vasudevan NairPosted 6 months agomay be
  • shyamPosted 6 months agoAd me jada attraction lane k liye
  • Ganesh Vasudevan NairPosted 6 months agoa truth about mating !!
  • Shariful AlamPosted 6 months agoSuperb
  • Vipin S BhagatPosted 6 months agook
  • M CHANGMIPosted 6 months agoUsing women in the ad is very good as everyone has equally right either man or woman I thought.
  • anwar siddiquePosted 6 months agohe he he he
  • Santoah Kumar NayakPosted 6 months agoNice
  • Man BahadurPosted 6 months agoOur own think
  • Man Bahadur BahadurPosted 6 months agoCare every
  • Mohammed AzaruddinPosted 6 months agoDhaniya patta and setting gr8...that wa really funny...but yes mam sath is that model doing with a cement bag.... seriously writers need to change their creative ideas about women put up like this in the ads and we viewers to....
  • saroj kumar rathPosted 5 months agoSo nice
  • VishwadharPosted 5 months agoNice
  • AbudaudPosted 5 months agoActually right says
  • gufranPosted 5 months agofunny
  • Ganesh Vasudevan NairPosted 5 months agosuper
  • RohitPosted 5 months agovery good ad to see
  • Vikas pavithran Posted 5 months agoGood point, dono ki setting ho sakti hai.
  • anwar siddiquePosted 5 months agoamazong uper se chikd do he he good caparision
  • Sabiya Posted 5 months agoGood think
  • s praveenPosted 5 months agonice she is
  • christinePosted 5 months agoIn regard to the issue of having women advertising for different products, I have no objection in women advertising. But the choice of products for which women are used in the ads should make sense. An advertisement featuring women for shampoo, soap,etc.. makes sense. But ad which features women marketing Cement, Steel, etc..make no sense.
  • radhaPosted 4 months agoTrue. Absolutely no relevance...
  • Mannu dixitPosted 4 months agoNice comments.
  • Manzur IlahiPosted 4 months agoA very good way to tell the truth of heart.
  • YUVRAJPosted 4 months agohehee
  • Yogender SharmaPosted 4 months agoShould have a dislike button for this, message could have been conveyed via better means.
  • adarshPosted 4 months agoa very nice attempt to bring forth the serenity of this whole scenario
  • Suresh KPosted 4 months agoThere will be a woman in each and every ad, because they are the purchasing power.
  • SANJAY VISHAL SAMUEL PANDIANPosted 4 months agoMore of it.
  • Somnath panditPosted 4 months agoGood
  • shubhamPosted 3 months agoFall of your chair laughing as renowned stand up comedian, Neeti Palta explains how advertisers use women in every ad to increase it's appeal. Even when they have no connect with the advertisement!
  • shubhamPosted 3 months agoFall of your chair laughing as renowned stand up comedian, Neeti Palta explains how advertisers use women in every ad to increase it's appeal. Even when they have no connect with the advertisement!
  • bhuvnesh soralPosted 3 months agonot a comedy this is true but women also responsible for this why not they refuge that type of add
  • Ganesh Vasudevan NairPosted 3 months agohahaha....
  • Anindita ChaudhuryPosted 3 months agoNice comedy, keep going.
  • RiyaPosted 2 months agoGood ad.. I've seen the women and cement ad too and was wondering the same why bikini clad woman were building towers with cement. No connection at all. Hahaa.
  • manishaPosted 2 months agoits really a good video,its motivational to everyone whoever watched this video
  • siyadPosted 2 months agoYes , Very Correct. Women is Respectful in all over the world.include voice , body language, social and personal behaviouring
  • harish motwani Posted 1 month agogud one
  • Debashis Ghosh Posted 1 month agoWhatever she told in this video are absolutely right .
  • Nehal SayyadPosted 1 month agoNow one can reach till the screenplay writer ideas till he/she works hard on it.
  • revu23Posted 1 month agoyes to convey information about add they need women , where they are not related to that add
  • harish dhawanPosted 3 weeks agobasically men do not place any buying decisions and run after their womans say so says the adage follow the beautiful
  • Magesh.nPosted 3 weeks agoStand up comedys are always awesome but what he meant is really appealed me !! He is just simply awesome to let out the cause behind the ad creators !
  • priya motwaniPosted 3 weeks agoabsolutely right women seems to be working as garnishing part to r ad world.,,
  • RichaPosted 3 weeks agoFemales is a special kind to whom both men and women get attracted. And no doubt advertisements are to attract customers so that justifies women being used as honeypots!
  • MamtaPosted 2 weeks agoIts truth
  • Pawan G. SuryawanshiPosted 2 weeks agoGood add
  • GhanshyamPosted 2 weeks agoYaYes true ...
  • Jyoti agarwalPosted 2 weeks agoGood video saying about cement and women in 2piece really without logic the add is being created which is pointed out in this video
  • Debashis Ghosh Posted 2 weeks agoWhatever neeti described regarding women in various ads are justified as they are like to do this but we have to take it as a joke not an issue
  • ASMATHPosted 1 week agohaa.... good
  • alok kumar dassPosted 1 week agogo on
  • SHANTANU GHOSHPosted 6 days agoGREAT AD
  • Subramani S MPosted 5 days agoGood adv
  • KETUL KUMARPosted 5 days agoHA HA VERY NICE
  • pooja. waghmarePosted 1 day agotrue that...


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