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It's a CAAAR indeed!

Posted 2 years ago

Have you ever sat in a car that is so large you need to literally shout to be heard?

Well, the Nissan Sunny TVC is based on exactly that! The ad opens with the mother of the house who is at an art gallery with her friend and screams her opinion of a painting she sees so loudly, that everyone turns to look at her stunned. Then the scene moves to a grandmother who is at a wedding with her friend not realizing that the obscene comment she made on the groom can be heard by everyone at the wedding! Then the film finally moves to the Nissan Sunny, where the entire family, father, mother, son and grandmother are having a loud conversation in the car focusing on the fact that the Sunny is so spacious that you need to scream to be heard. That’s why the Sunny is a “CAAAR” and not just another “CAR”. 


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  • Swapan PanjaPosted 2 years agoReally it's a caaaaaaaaaaaaaar....... indeed.
  • VINITA AGARWALPosted 2 years agoThe ultra spacious Nissan Sunny, superior aesthetics caa-aaaaa--aaaaaaaaaar
  • Sandip GuptaPosted 2 years agoWhy are they shouting? Did I missed something? Not able to understand clearly what is the message in the ad.
  • rickenPosted 1 year agonissan its not a car its caaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrr.............
  • amita rgPosted 1 year agoits look is awesome
  • sajid silawatPosted 1 year agoNissan make good ads and super b product its car is super b
  • nishankPosted 1 year agoIts a spacious car
  • Mukthadeer Ahmad QaziPosted 1 year agonice car
  • DivyaPosted 1 year agoReally like the way they say CAAAR
  • Puja GuptaPosted 1 year agoCool one
  • ankit choudharyPosted 1 year agoNisssaann..its an awesome company for caaarrss
  • mahesh satish shindePosted 1 month agoGOOD
  • RajPosted 1 month agoFunny ad
  • dineshPosted 1 month agogood car .japanese cars are known for their incredible look ,interior,engine, mileage etc . nissan has hit the market like a thunder which is giving competition to established companies.its good to see its progress in india.the car which I just in the ad was looking like any other car but what makes difference in my mind is standard of technology it incorporates. Incredible..
  • SONU YADAV Posted 1 month agoSuper . Super. Super I liked
  • nikithaPosted 1 month agocool car and ad nissan sunny caaaaaaaaaar awesome color
  • C Rajesh Posted 4 weeks agoNissan was the sixth largest automaker in the world, Nice looking car
  • NehaPosted 2 weeks agoDamn good
  • sujeet kumar singhPosted 1 week agoIt is really a caaaaaaar
  • GARIMAPosted 5 days agobest


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Its a CAAAR indeed!

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