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Dancing monks!

Posted 3 years ago

Monks aren’t as boring as you imagined them to be, atleast this one isn’t. Cadbury captures these monks dancing to the party song 'Apple Bottom Jeans' highlighting the effect that the chocolate can have on people - making them happier.


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  • Swapan PanjaPosted 3 years agoFeel to be in different world with cadbury chocolate.......
  • HarshidaPosted 3 years agoHaha .. Wish to be a part of such party ..Chocs have a grt effect on ones life ..thumbs up for this ad ..👍
  • rickenPosted 3 years agokuch mitha hojaye. awesome ade
  • Deepak KumarPosted 3 years agohahahah..... cool one but where is the chocolate guys!!!!!
  • Mukthadeer Ahmad QaziPosted 3 years agoawesome.............awesome..............ad
  • Puja GuptaPosted 3 years agoReal hilarious one.
  • Kalachand PanjaPosted 3 years agoAwesome amazing really good impressed like it
  • RiyaPosted 1 year agoThank God atleast something stirred Monks. Aloha...Chocolates imbibe mood enhancing changing chemicals in humans. Cadbury beautifully brings those emotions out into the open through happy dancing monks.
  • C Rajesh Posted 1 year agoSweet add
  • nikithaPosted 1 year agoExcellentVideo with Funny Dance #awesomeMonks :p
  • sujeet kumar singhPosted 1 year agoCrazy
  • Vivek Kumar YadavPosted 1 year agokya baat hai superb
  • dineshPosted 1 year agoI am happy to see this ad of cadburys they often use interesting things in their ad which attract viewer for sure and it does its work well.this ad was also very good and it was interesting to see some unknown traits of monks dancing ....it was funny idea . Cadburys is a world renown chocolate brand and it has been a great success especially in my country . It tops chart in both fields. Great job cadburys and its team.
  • Radha Posted 1 year agoChocolates r mood enhancer it lifts up the mood this ads brings that emotion very beautifully
  • lokesh kumarPosted 1 year agofunny movement
  • Dasarath MinzPosted 1 year agoNice....kuch mithaa ho jaye
  • Inderjeet Singh galhotraPosted 1 year agoBest
  • MehreenPosted 1 year agoGood
  • Krishnaveni KPosted 1 year agolovely ad. never show or imagined about Monks dancing but seeing this ad really feels happy and cad-bury makes every happy. lovely ad.
  • asgarPosted 1 year agovery gud
  • TejenderPosted 1 year agoAmazing 😎😎😁😁
  • RaghavanPosted 1 year agoNOT SO APT.
  • Anitha MadasiPosted 1 year agoMmmmmmm chokieeee superb
  • SethubathiPosted 1 year agoCool add
  • HananPosted 1 year agoAwesome
  • Pradeep Kumar BhartiPosted 1 year agoHaha.... Fake video
  • FirdosPosted 1 year agoa very interesting and a cute ad, but somehow not in line with the product.
  • ANUKUL DABLIPosted 1 year agohahhaaha... the fantastic ad make by deirymilk in these ad the shown the monks are also love the cadbary. they dont stop there excitment
  • MohanchandPosted 1 year agoOh super dance
  • madhvendra pratap singhPosted 1 year agohi i like it
  • RajkumarPosted 1 year agoDairy milk - a glass and half full of joy is always enjoyable and every kid loves dairy milk. imagining the monks dance itself really thrilling and seeing ad like this is fun and happiness is making to more fun and love this ad. good one
  • Mustafa Murtazabhai GunnataPosted 1 year agoThe taste Dairy Milk chocolates make dancing from childhood to elder, follower to Sant
  • rohitkhalkho@yahoo.comPosted 1 year agoamazing
  • nurful islamPosted 1 year agovery nice
  • nurful islamPosted 1 year agoFATA FATA DANCE
  • nurful islamPosted 1 year agoAWASOME
  • nurful islamPosted 1 year agoFeel to be in different world with cadbury chocolate.......
  • nurful islamPosted 1 year agowesome.............awesome..............ad
  • nurful islamPosted 1 year agoAwesome amazing really good impressed like it
  • nurful islamPosted 1 year agodayiry milk
  • virender singh negiPosted 1 year agoIT'S PARTY TIME FOR MONKS.


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