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Posted 9 months ago

The Indian Advertising Industry is really out doing itself! Going from advertising about social causes, to women empowerment to now breaking barriers, the industry and their ways of thinking have come a long way.

Looking back at recent campaigns, we saw ‘Doublemint’s ad that showed a heartwarming love story between a couple. #StartSomethingFresh whilst making ‘long lasting connections’ was the brand’s aim. It shows the girl making the first move, kissing the mint box, and of course complete role reversal when the girl climbs down the pipe. India’s first kissing ad is how the public decided to respond to it. Do we see the industry taking the modern turn? Maybe!

In the words of Wrigley India’s MD – ‘There’s still a mindset that the only purpose of mint is to combat foul breath. That’s something we want to change. With this ad, we want the youth to view Doublemint as a conversation starter, confidence booster and something that helps them break the ice and build new connections’

Did their thought work? Let us know of what you thought about this commercial.

What about the most recent Closeup ‘Make Your Move’ campaign? Aired on Valentines Day, this takes mutual attraction to a whole new level. The ad not only shows couples getting intimate, but also explores cultural differences and same sex attraction.


Perfectly highlighting how the desire for closeness is universal irrespective of one’s race, religion, sexuality, the desire that hits a roadblock because of the Indian society. And of course, same sex attraction has always been a hush-hush topic and this commercial pushes that awkwardness away!

Modern ways and openness towards the LGBT cause is the Indian Advertising Industry is turning towards. What do you think about these ads? Let us know below.


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  • Abhishek PariharPosted 9 months agook lets start with doublemint ad, this ad really created a hype and was a great hit on social media, people were sharing it a lot perfect storyline, soothing music everything that keeps a viewer enchanted and attached to the screen plus it was totally different from other tv ads about mouth freshners which mainy concentrate on humor but people forget them easily. In this ad there was few contrasting features like a girl climbing a pipe to meet her boyfriend and few things that were in contrast to stereotypes which was the the best part of it. Nothing can potray how a mouth freshner can enter into your life along with a person who becomes your better half. Such ads are rare and people generally save them in thier mobile phones and never forget them. perfect work it is. Now the closeup ad, as the theme focussed on breaking the stereotypes and the ad showed a perfect portrayal of the theme it intended to show. How you can break the barriers and stereotypes of the society(LGBT being the current issue about the rights of people having a decent share in society). Emotional indepennce and to move against the flow with ones will is required to achieve a better society. It would be really great if a section of ad would have focussed on transgenders adn girl-girl bond. but still its an appreciable effort wwhich people do share among friends on social media
  • Anil ChaddaPosted 9 months agoGood to see a new wave of openness in the ads. It would be worthwhile to understand how these ads are accepted or not accepted by the various segments of the Customers/users. Overall Bold and Attention calling ads.
  • shubhamPosted 9 months agonow ads are changing with time ,addictive ads are released.
  • KishorePosted 9 months agoWhat kind of this closeup ad... i don't understand first change this type of Gay Type of mixing Ad Pleasee....Don't try to this type of ads
  • Suresh KPosted 9 months agoThe ads are becoming intimate and very close ...
  • vikas kandariPosted 9 months agoAds
  • SANDIPKUMARPosted 9 months agoGood one..love your life with your choice..no one should force on us
  • Suraj RathorPosted 9 months agoThis product is clear means to working in video human being
  • bhuvnesh soralPosted 9 months agonice advertisement
  • JatinPosted 9 months agoNice advertisements🔊💤💤💤💤💤
  • Amey patilPosted 9 months agoWhat a chemistry!wow thats best and awseome song selection..And the best part of that i think feel was the last kiss with tears in eyes.And last all flashback in endings of ad.The casting was awesome the lovely girl and cute boy.Music is nice.Natural expressions and lips moments are expressive.Nice costumes some childish moments like sipping rain water.And tapping double mint concept was out of this world,whoever thought this idea just i loved it. Only innovative people will understand the depth of this ad.
  • AnuragPosted 9 months agoAhhh ! What a beautiful concept and the picturisation. The double mint is very good and tasty product which freshen ur breath and make you feel confident. The atory that is depictea is just marvelous. I am very happy with the product.
  • kamal koliPosted 8 months agoNice and continue
  • Ganesh Vasudevan NairPosted 8 months agonice
  • Nethravathy KrishnacharPosted 8 months agowow super ad! I had never seen this before.. unique concept..
  • Anindita ChaudhuryPosted 8 months agoDoublemint ad was awesome, so romantic, heart-taking. Confident Girl and Emotional Boy- Wonderful Combination. Close-up ad was also good but had some gay content which most people won't really appreciate.
  • Jimmy JoyPosted 8 months agoIt all started with Milind and Madhu for KS Then lately a clothing brand I think that had two girls coming out of the closet......bold indeed. Doublemint AD, As per the MD, was designed so that the " youth treat this as an conversation starter, an Ice Breaker". Ironically Doublemints international competitor is ICE BREAKER. Jokes apart, this AD was a bit too lengthy but did break quite a few norms. Very smoothly shot, great casting and what an epic song to film on. These days times are changing, but only in the metro cities, where most of the sale is got from. Hence this makes perfect sense business wise. Close Up ad was also smartly done. This just broke the barrier by showing a Gay couple in it. Very risky to take up this content, at least it INDIA, but very very bold on behalf of the Brand ad Agency to ahead with it. I guess we need such ads more than often,to break the notion and to be more acceptable to the fact that choosing a partner is by ones will and we as a society should accept it. It's time for us as a viewer and society to start accepting change. Both great ADs loved this post by you.
  • vaibhav kumarPosted 8 months agoOne of the my favorite ad of double mint bcoz their very beautiful love story
  • Anurag SharmaPosted 8 months agoDoublemint is exploring new regions.
  • RiyaPosted 8 months agoGood ad. Acting and expressions of the actors were good. Totally relating to the product as well as a story straight out of a bollywood story. Only too emotional/sentimental:))
  • harish motwani Posted 7 months agovoncepy is nice.. bt in the starting its a bit complicated.. to understand bt in last few seconds it becomes understandable.. n nice.. but quite intimate types..
  • priya motwaniPosted 7 months agoawesome.. jst awesome is the word.. it keeps up glued to d screen.. wat will happen next.. may be its jst d ad of doublemint .. looks like a short film.. just loved it..
  • AkankshaPosted 6 months agoNice Story bases Ads! Every person has different life and different life challenges. In troubles , No one come to help , but when choose an unique path of life all start to pointing out. Define own limit by own Choice.
  • MamtaPosted 6 months agoGood ad
  • MamtaPosted 6 months agoLovely story
  • DevisinhPosted 5 months agothe advert is really greatly done and the concept is really great of the advert.
  • Rajesh mauryaPosted 5 months agoNice
  • nikithaPosted 4 months agoI loved the double mint ad the love story which has shown in this ad is so sweet​ and the couples​ are too cute but it's just an ad it can't be real but overall the ad is super cool i loved it
  • nikithaPosted 4 months agoThe second ad about the close up is one of the good concept break the barrier
  • ObetoPosted 4 months agoNice I like it so much it's a good story
  • Birjesh KumarPosted 4 months agoGood
  • dineshPosted 4 months agodoublemint one of it's kind.how well portrayed it was .for the first time I have seen such a grand ad .this is something people call out of the box thinking several things were different here from the very beginning Love at first sight Love on daily basis Love in seperation Beautiful sight of proposal of love AND Not to forget a formidable force of doublemint strengthen thier bond at each step. Really loved it ,mesmerized by it
  • dineshPosted 4 months agoThis is again a example of uniqueness as in the beginning its not very much clear that what they are showing but as the video moves on everything becomes crystal clear .its a portrayal of lgbt which has been a trending issue in western world with little influence in India .I should thank them for portraying such a sensitive issue so easily which has lots to say.close up is doing wonderful act.keep bringing such ads with a cause .good job !
  • Jyoti agarwalPosted 3 months ago#StartSomethingFresh showing the mintos fresh add keeping mouth and oneself fresh...
  • brijeshwar sahuPosted 3 months agoVERY NICE SONG
  • brijeshwar sahuPosted 3 months agoNICE
  • krishnaveniPosted 2 months agounique concept. nice ad.
  • K RNS PAVAN KUMAR VARMAPosted 2 months agoad length is too much for doublemint.
  • suragani suresh Posted 1 month agoFresh anytime


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