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Coca Cola and the modern day Santa!

Posted 1 year ago

We all know Santa Claus as a white bearded, plump, red clad jolly character today! A mythical figure loved by several children all over the globe. Known to sneak into homes of those who have been good, secretly delivering them gifts on Christmas Eve. But what if we were to tell you that he wasn’t always the good old stereotypical Santa we see today?

Well, it’s true! Santa’s image has seen a variety of changes and transformations before 1931! It was finally in that year that Haddon Sundblom, an illustrator from Michigan was hired (by Coca-Cola) to develop advertising images of Santa Claus that showcased him as a warm, jovial grand father like figure. While most people believe that this is truly how the modern day Santa we see today came into being, it’s not entirely true!

St. Nicholas (Santa) had been previously been seen sporting a scarlet robe in umpteen illustrations in the 1920’s before Sundblom devised his campaign. People automatically assumed that Santa’s appearance was originally a creation of Coca-Cola and hence the red and white attire which complimented the Coke logo. But all credit goes to Coca-Cola for advertising and molding Santa into the happy go lucky, warm figure we see him as today! Maybe if it wasn’t for Coca-Cola, we would have never seen Santa like this to begin with!


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  • hatimali524Posted 1 year agoI love it no word for comment
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  • zeeshanPosted 10 months agoSanta Claus
  • Rishi ModiPosted 10 months agoSIMPLY GOOD TO WATCH
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  • ANUJ RANAPosted 3 weeks agohahahaha.....amzing,,..team coca cola


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