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Bring out the good in you!

Posted 1 year ago

That time of the year is back again! Festive spirits are up and the entire nation unites to celebrate the most awaited and auspicious festival of every year, Diwali! Yes, the festival of lights is back and everyone is in the best of moods! Not only is Diwali a great time to celebrate with loved ones, but it is also one of the most creative times of the year when some of the best ads across the country come to light. Some of the biggest brands -  Coca-cola, Cadbury and Titan to name a few -  bring out their A-game and embrace the festivities and excitement of the season.

A great example is the ad Idea launched a few years ago for Dussehra in which a cab driver finds a phone a customer forgets on the back seat of his car. The driver initially turns off the phone but soon realizes what he’s doing is wrong and immediately puts the phone back together and contacts the owner immediately. The motive of the ad is to burn the “Raavan” inside of you and bring out the good during Diwali!


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  • rickenPosted 1 year agoidea is the best network ever
  • DharmeshPosted 1 year agoGood network for idea 3g
  • Puja GuptaPosted 1 year agoGreat Idea Sirji
  • Kalachand PanjaPosted 1 year agoAwesome amazing really good impressed like it very fast good network
  • Swapnil PorwalPosted 11 months agoOnly we can do good and bad things in life, we must to kill the Ravan inside from the soul.
  • zeeshanPosted 10 months agoIdea in India
  • Sumit Chauhan Posted 10 months agoIt is a good IDEA to make such kind of good ad which can motivate people or show them the right way to lead life.The Ad is creative and inspiring at the same time.
  • Megha modiPosted 10 months agoIdea network is quite good
  • Rishi ModiPosted 10 months agoIDEA PROVIDES GOOD NETWORK
  • Megha SonuPosted 9 months agoGood network
  • krishnaPosted 5 months agoI like the Ad


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