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Ad War | The battle of the Phones | Nokia, IPhone, Samsung

Posted 8 months ago

Ad Wars: Episode 1 - Nokia vs Others

Advertisements have been a hugely successful marketing tool used to drive sales for almost any product or service. As a direct outcome, rival brands are forced to keep bettering their campaigns in order to stay a step ahead of, or catch up with the competition. 

Over the next few weeks we’ll go through a list of famous rivalries that led to some highly entertaining ad wars; a tactic that’s been both amusing and catchy given the perpetual state of confusion that a consumer often finds themself in in today’s day and age.

I was feeling a bit nostalgic today so I’ve decided to cover a couple of extremely clever smartphone ads that came out at a time when the cellphone was fast gaining a reputation of being a LOT more than just a phone. However there is an element of sadness about this article as the ads shown below were for the now deceased Nokia cell phone brand. 


The ad shows a fight break out at a wedding between iPhone and Galaxy fanatics while being recorded by 2 of the catering staff on the new Nokia Lumia. The tongue in cheek humour based around the Samsung vs Apple rivalry was directed at those consumers looking for another alternate and the ad does a rather apt job of covering the gimmicks that both best sellers advertised on their products (Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s S Beam). 


This ad is a bit subtler in terms of Nokia addressing its direct rivals during the course of the ad. Although you can see a lot of iPhones being used, no direct reference is made to any brand. What Nokia had aimed to do was to advertise the fact that the 41 megapixel camera on its then new Nokia Lumia 1020 model war far superior to any smartphone camera out there.

However this was never going to be a case of David vs 2 Goliaths as both Apple and Samsung have continued to lead the smartphone markets whereas Nokia has disappeared and barely anyone is bothered. While going through the comments sections of these videos, I came across a rather fitting and witty statement that seemed to describe Nokia’s plight towards the end of it’s life:

Youtube User Georg Gerdon says – “ This is just too easy to comment: Statistically this video is very correct - there are never more than two Nokia users in a room of 100 people! :-D ”


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  • Ekta GoenkaPosted 8 months agoSamsung Galaxy phone is very smart and good
  • niharikareddyPosted 8 months agosamsung gives great pleasure when we use it gives a rich look
  • Ravi KLPosted 8 months agonokia is making of fun themselves in this ad.. no own wins complaining about other.. free promotion to samsung and apple..
  • swapnilPosted 8 months agoonly one the iphone is best
  • dilip chaudharyPosted 8 months agoyes its not good for the every mobile company because every company have their own policy
  • ThangavelPosted 8 months agoAwaiting for Nokia's return
  • rickenPosted 8 months agonow a days every brand is competition
  • Swapnil PorwalPosted 8 months agoNokia ad is awesome and they made fun of other brands
  • V RAJAPosted 8 months agoamazing ad.
  • deepaPosted 7 months agoWaiting eagerly for nokia's return, the best phone ever
  • shikharPosted 6 months agoNolia plz it should not compare with samsung and iphone
  • zeeshanPosted 6 months agoGoo
  • krishnaPosted 5 months agoNice..............
  • AnuragPosted 2 months agoEverybody has their own choices but I'd say Samsung is cost effective and worth buying..
  • shyamPosted 2 months agoOnly ad wars. They forgot the quality they provided us in last years. Now they are making only for business not for safety. These days many of the samsung owners got injured by phone blast. Glad to see if Nokia make come back with a Android phone and dont forget Nokia was only killed by microsoft.
  • Jimmy JoyPosted 2 months agoIsn't this AD brillialy written, showcasing the main feature of the brand. Ass a product, the initial black and white Nokia phones were simply brilliant. I still have a non digital Nokia phone which works brilliantly and serves my purpose. Can't say the same about the Windows enabled Nokia phones. Will NOKIA ever make a comeback, is a million dollar question. But the ADs surely got my attention.
  • gufranPosted 1 month agoiphone is best
  • ANUJ RANAPosted 3 weeks agoNokiaaa....will i miss you !! of course yesss.....


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