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5 Ads We'll Definitely See This Summer

Posted 9 months ago

With temperatures already soaring past 40 degrees Celsius in many parts of the country, we are likely to see a heavy dose of summer-centric ad campaigns being shown on television over the next couple of months. Here’s a look at 5 ads that we will definitely see this summer.

1.  Samsung Refrigerators

The simple refrigerator has seen humungous growth in terms of available shapes, sizes and improvements in technology over the past decade. As a result, an increasing number of electronics manufacturers have begun making, selling and advertising their individual range of refrigerators. Leading this charge is electronic conglomerate Samsung.

This year, the South Korean manufacturer, which has a solid presence in India, has begun pushing its latest innovation in the field of home refrigeration systems: the Samsung Smart Convertible 5in1. The ad shows how a mother is able to easily alternate between various combinations of fridge and freezer, much to the amazement of her child and his friends.

2. Dermi Cool Powder

Dermi Cool Powder has been running ad campaigns during summer months for many years now and its tag line of “Aaya mausam thande thande Dermi Cool ka” has been etched into the minds of many. This year, they strayed away from the tried and tested tag line and have instead come up with a new jingle that focuses on a more trending topic – selfies.

The 2016 ad campaign for Dermi Cool shows heat induced situations caused by scorching summer temperatures, which can be alleviated by using Dermi Cool thereby making hot and sweaty situations into those worthy of taking selfies in! Here’s a look at the “Aise me Dermi Cool Selfie tu lele” ad:

3. Limca

Limca is a soft drink that’s best enjoyed ice cold on a hot summer’s day. The refreshing fizzy lemon drink, manufactured by parent company Coca-Cola, has and always will be advertised during summer months especially since unlike other fizzy drinks, this one is a summer specialist. This year they’re running an all-new ad campaign that’s accompanied by the line - “Re-start afresh this summer with Limca

4. Frooti

“Mango Frooti, Fresh and Juicy” is a jingle that resonates among most of my generation of 20 something year olds. Despite facing heavy competition, it’s still the preferred cold drink of choice among millions of school children across the country on a hot summer afternoon. 

This year, brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan has taken part in a fun new ad campaign that revolves around #TheFrootiLife which indicates how life is better when Frooti is a part of it! Check out Frooti’s latest ad

5. Amul

One of India’s most prominent milk brands, Amul has run several ads over the years including the famous ‘Wonderful Doodh’ jingle back in the 90’s. A result of its growing product portfolio meant the inclusion of several cold milk based drinks, ideal products to push during hot summer months.

After having previously advertised the Amul Kool range of flavoured milk, this year the company is pushing Amul Lassi as a desi replacement to soft drinks. Parallel to this, the company is also running a campaign to promote packaged buttermilk called Amul Masti. The target audience for both ads includes pretty much the entire country and this fact is made quite evident, confirming the company’s effective strategy of keeping its ads simple. Here’s a look at both ads:

Amul Lassi – Hamara Cold Drink

Amul Masti Buttermilk – Desi Refresher


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  • Swapnil PorwalPosted 9 months agoI love the ad of limca
  • rickenPosted 9 months agosamsung new innovation is with smart convertibal
  • swapnilPosted 9 months agoamul masti with desi refresh for this hot summer
  • Megha SonuPosted 9 months agoAmul masti makes me mast
  • Manju modi Posted 9 months agolimca is my favourite
  • rockyPosted 9 months agoall the product of amul its amazing
  • udaya kumar paridaPosted 8 months agoI love frooti
  • Mukthadeer Ahmad QaziPosted 8 months agoAwesome
  • rubeena begamPosted 8 months agoAll the products shown in these adds are the part of our lifestyle.
  • ThangavelPosted 8 months ago'Limca' my favourite drink :-)
  • deepaPosted 7 months agoAmul lassi - i love lassi,hamara cold drink
  • krishnaPosted 5 months agoI Love the Ads
  • ANUJ RANAPosted 3 weeks agoyummmmmmm.....


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