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The story behind Nike’s famous, “Just Do it” slogan

Posted 8 years ago

Ever wondered how Nike’s all time famous, “Just Do it” campaign slogan came into being? A slogan that helped reshape the image of the company to a leader in sports gear!

It is very important to firstly understand, that any brand needs to be able to form a strong connect with its audience for a successful tomorrow. If the brand’s message doesn’t appeal to the consumer demographic it is targeting, it will never see the intended impact it hopes to make.

It was 1987, Health and fitness had started to become an obsession with the rise of problems like obesity in American society. The two main sports companies competing for the top position at the time were Nike and Reebok. Nike was in the midst of a major drop in sales and had to lay off 20% of its work force. A number of advertisements published by the company had failed to make an impact and the top management was in panic mode. Wieden + Kennedy were in charge of the company’s branding and advertising.

In 1976, a notorious and globally known criminal by the name of Gary Gilmore had murdered a gas station employee, Max Jensen and a motel manager, Bennie Bushnell in Utah. Both victims had met his every demand but were still murdered. Not long after, Gary’s cousin Brenda turned him in. The .22 caliber weapon he used to murder his victims was also found hidden in a bush. At the time Utah had two death penalities to choose from, death by a firing squad or hanging. Gary chose the former.

On the morning of January 17th, 1977 at 8:00 A.M, Gary was executed. But as he stood in front of a firing squad, his last words were, “Let’s do this!

Recalling the infamous killer’s last words, Dan Wieden made a small edit from, “Let’s do it” to “Just Do it” and pitched the idea. This one single slogan proved to be one of the most important and profitable moves in the history of the brand. Consumers’ instantly felt connected with Nike. The slogan had no age, gender or physical ability criterion attached to it. It bred pure energy and the will to achieve that motivated many! The brand’s share in the global sports shoe market shot up from 877 million dollars to a staggering 9.2 billion dollars, making it the leading sports shoe manufacturer. An amalgamation of motivational slogans and endorsements by renowned athletes created a driven environment of encouragement and health awareness that boosted the company’s brand image.

This is one of the greatest and most inspirational examples of how effective marketing and advertising completely changes the way we look at a brand. Nike instilled a sense of eagerness to achieve goals and meet targets in the masses. That’s why the company urges its patrons to not think but take matters in to their own hands. Just Do it.


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  • Swapnil PorwalPosted 8 years agogreat idea come from anywhere even from a criminal also and you make billion dollars
  • Nikhil ParmarPosted 8 years agoAmazing story, good to know the history behind the tag line.
  • Swapnil PorwalPosted 8 years agoNike company is the best company who make wonderful shoes and their tagline is superb Just Do it
  • Mukthadeer Ahmad QaziPosted 8 years agoAwesome
  • Swapnil PorwalPosted 8 years agoVery good story
  • rockyPosted 8 years agogood story of nike
  • Swapnil PorwalPosted 7 years agothis story inspired me to take action on my dreams
  • Alex Guia RebelloPosted 7 years agoJUST DO IT it's only three words but it captured the entire World's attention . It's my Dream to think of a Powerful ad line which becomes a household name
  • RudraPosted 7 years agosimply the best one!!!!
  • Rajesh JainPosted 7 years agoGreat Concepts and story for ad s for every things
  • Sumit Chauhan Posted 7 years agoA Single Slogan can change the picture of your company and a good slogan can make people more connected to your brand.Other thing is people should keep looking for new ideas in order to improve their business.
  • zeeshanPosted 7 years agoKip watch
  • Kaushik MedhiPosted 7 years agoCool story. A million dollar tagline story.
  • Rajesh JainPosted 7 years agoBrilliant Concepts with great idea
  • Megha modiPosted 7 years agohad a knowledge of the company
  • Ganesh Vasudevan NairPosted 7 years agofamous ad storys
  • Rishi ModiPosted 7 years agoNike is a very good brand
  • Rajesh JainPosted 7 years agosuperb idea
  • khushal viradiyaPosted 7 years agoyes, just do it
  • Devang RathodPosted 7 years agosuperb story...
  • Megha SonuPosted 7 years agothis story inspired me to take action on my dreams
  • Md Arsad AyubPosted 7 years agoJust do it......
  • asgarPosted 7 years agowonderful ad
  • deepak rawatPosted 7 years agosas
  • harshavardhanreddyPosted 7 years agoWONDERFUL IDEA
  • ShellyPosted 7 years agoThanx for sharing the story behind the " just do it" slogan of the globally known brand. Waiting for such many more real story.
  • Nisha KolayPosted 7 years agoGreat, good to know the story behind the Tagline.. soooo inspiring.. :) :)
  • harshavardhanreddyPosted 7 years agoit enhances the peoples knowledge about a product and the reason behind tag line
  • rajakumar dasariPosted 7 years agoGreat
  • K MamathaPosted 7 years agoGood Story .I liked it very much
  • DevisinhPosted 7 years agoamazing story, thanks for sharing it here.
  • Ruhi GuptaPosted 7 years agoGreat idea
  • Ekta GoenkaPosted 7 years agoNike is very good co . Branded shoes are very comfortable to wearand its slogan is also very best
  • Dr. Anil GuptaPosted 7 years agoI did not know that.
  • NitinPosted 7 years agoGreat Idea and amazing story
  • Shivam aroraPosted 7 years agoWOW! AMAZING STORY. 👍👍👍👍☺
  • ROHIT KUMAR Posted 7 years agoNice nike
  • Rahul kalalPosted 7 years agoNice
  • vaibhav kumarPosted 7 years agoIdeas make change the world
  • Minal BPosted 7 years agoWow, that's some story. Inspirational indeed. This proves that ideas are there in this world, all one needs to do is to keep the Eyes and Ears open to get some inspiration.
  • srishtiPosted 7 years agogood
  • AmithPosted 7 years agogood to know the history behind the tag line.
  • sanchit balanaPosted 7 years agoAwsome story
  • KAUSHIK GARAIPosted 7 years agoAmazing story
  • Anil Kumar SadaranganiPosted 7 years agoAmazing story, good to know the history behind the tag line.
  • shikharPosted 7 years agowow great story.nice to read about nike an knowing fully about the slogan
  • krishnaPosted 7 years agogreat
  • krishnaPosted 7 years agoNike---lets do it..........nice caption
  • BABU LAL BAIRWAPosted 7 years agonice
  • Manikandan SelvamPosted 7 years agoAwsome
  • lokesh kumarPosted 7 years agoNICE STORY
  • SAT WINDER KAURPosted 7 years agoGood idea
  • RahulPosted 7 years agoGood story, the story inspired me to take action in my life
  • krishnaPosted 7 years agoAmazing Story
  • ANUJ RANAPosted 7 years agoawesome.......
  • Arun KumarPosted 7 years agoAmazing story, good to know the history behind the tag line, great idea come from anywhere even from a criminal also and you make billion dollars
  • Raoof MohiuddinPosted 7 years agoinspiring storyy
  • HARISHPosted 7 years agomotionlessness story
  • ANUJ RANAPosted 7 years agonice story
  • Nooreen saba Posted 7 years agonike so famous
  • Sunil J VarghesePosted 7 years agoAlthough a criminals last word witha little bit edit.. it is inspiring
  • Udit Pratap KujurPosted 7 years agogood story
  • harshalPosted 7 years agoknowledge and idea can make one richer and richer.
  • harshalPosted 7 years agowow nike company is very very good company just go for it.
  • RahulPosted 7 years agoNice one
  • jpdeviPosted 7 years agoNike is good branded company .
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  • Rahul kalalPosted 7 years agoNice
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  • Soumen SinhaPosted 7 years agoYes
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  • Susmita Gour Posted 7 years agoAmazing story
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  • Ganesh Vasudevan NairPosted 7 years agonice info
  • YOGESHKUMAR DEKATEPosted 7 years agonice
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  • AmithPosted 7 years agoWonderfull story
  • rameshPosted 7 years agoNice
  • Musadiq SHARIFFPosted 7 years agoGood post awesome idea
  • AnuragPosted 7 years agoCoolllll
  • Ganesh Vasudevan NairPosted 7 years agowhat an idea sirji!!!!
  • Vipin S BhagatPosted 7 years agook good
  • M CHANGMIPosted 7 years agoThese are great lesson! I inspired by it.
  • AnuragPosted 7 years agoFav brand
  • Santoah Kumar NayakPosted 7 years agogreat idea come from anywhere even from a criminal also
  • Man Bahadur BahadurPosted 7 years agoI and your work
  • Jimmy JoyPosted 7 years agoA clear cut case of how creativity works. Hence most creative people read and interact a lot to get inspired for their next big idea. This also goes to show how important a slogan or ad line is important for a product.
  • gufranPosted 7 years agonice story
  • MohitPosted 7 years agoI just love Nike products
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  • Subramani S MPosted 6 years agoLike it
  • yuvrajsinhPosted 6 years agomost money idea
  • SHANTANU GHOSHPosted 6 years agoCLASSIC AD
  • GIRISH KISANPosted 6 years agoJust do it
  • MeghaPosted 6 years agoInteresting story behind arguably the most inspiring ad campaign! It tells you how successful people would see an opportunity in the gravest of events that unfold.
  • ponbakyarajPosted 6 years agogood...........
  • neerubansal80014@gmail.comPosted 6 years agoAmazing story
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  • SumithPosted 6 years agonice story .
  • Rohit SamadPosted 6 years agogood thought
  • dineshPosted 6 years agoIts the first time I am hearing about its advertising success .earlier I had learnt of origin of its name -based on any tribe in America .it's good to find another half story of its success . Perspective of people depends the way a person thinks that's why Wieden instead of calling 'Let's do this ' origin of a notorious mindset he grabbed the depth in the quotation .this is the power of word which any one can quote .lts world known that Nike is a huge success .so ,the message is very simple ,look everywhere if you are a struggler.what if you also achieve your success or right mindset like Nike did? So................Just Do It .
  • pujaPosted 6 years agoIt's a great
  • SONU YADAV Posted 6 years agoAwesome
  • sanilPosted 6 years agothere is a real story behind every logo. Nike has too.
  • MariyamakilPosted 6 years agoGood story with excellent tagline
  • PorniPosted 6 years agoGreat thins just do it..
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  • MarcPosted 6 years agoWhoa..certainly, these classic old ads hold a special place in the eyes of the beholder !
  • RaghavanPosted 6 years agoIdea always changes your lives
  • NandiniPosted 6 years agoUnique ideas!!!
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  • KhushiramPosted 6 years agoThis is joyful
  • Vikash pandeyPosted 6 years agothis viedo great idea even from a good history
  • Sahil ChauhanPosted 6 years agonice history about my favourite company
  • GOURAV SHARMA Posted 6 years agoso this is the story behind just do it
  • Saurabh kumarPosted 6 years agoOsam
  • nurful islamPosted 6 years agofgata fati
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  • CasperPosted 6 years agoIt not just's an inspiration... "Just do it"....
  • yasaPosted 6 years agogood story awesome company.
  • rohitkhalkho@yahoo.comPosted 6 years agoamazing story it is inspring story it si better to know about history
  • Vikash pandeyPosted 6 years agoThis ad show great idea to show about how to done with positive or negative thinking
  • Ghanashyam PustiPosted 6 years agoA last word just do it has proven miracle.Two brands have captured the whole market.
  • virender singh negiPosted 6 years agonike is a branded shoe company.
  • Bhuwan Chandra Tewari Posted 6 years agogreat idea come from anywhere even from a criminal also and you make billion dollars
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  • Vikash pandeyPosted 6 years agoGreat idea any way crime make big person so i kindly inform you that please stop crime to live better way in life
  • Ghanashyam PustiPosted 6 years agoNoble idea even a criminal.Thanks lot
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  • SatyavratPosted 6 years agoJust Do It
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  • Priyanka GhatalPosted 5 years agoWow creative idea this story all of inspired to make action
  • Ruttala Naganna doraPosted 5 years agoPretty cool
  • Virendra chauhan Posted 5 years agoLet's do it. And just do it...its nice quote is like u think so do u anything, and u don't think so don't anything.
  • EbenezerPosted 5 years agoNice Article.... Really it inspiring lot of people.... Thanks for the best article....
  • AMAN GUPTAPosted 5 years agoWhat n idea
  • Sashimi Posted 5 years agoThe story is interesting
  • Melvin TomPosted 5 years agoFabulous, Mind blowing, Wonderful idea
  • Melvin TomPosted 5 years agoMind blowing, Boblastic and supercool ad
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  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 4 years agoFamous brand
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 3 years agoNike is a best shoe company
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 3 years agoNike brand of shoes are best in the globe
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 3 years agoNike brand is best
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 3 years agoThe story was nice .It is true nike is manufacturing best sport shoes



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