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The feeling of becoming a man!

Posted 8 years ago

"Only then will you be a man, my son." That's how Kipling ends his poem If addressed to his son. This Father's Day, we stumbled upon a rare classic from our very Indian Raymond's brand.

It shows an excited son talking to his father about a business/job opportunity and how his dad disapproves his choice of clothing. He reacts as if he doesn't take him seriously. So, the son wears a suit, gets a hair-cut and shows his letter of appointment to his father.

A simple message that makes the ad a must see is the sense of pride so apparent on the face of the father. 

Share your special father-son experiences with us this Father's Day.


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  • lalit singhPosted 8 years agogood ads from product that made in india
  • Sunieta PandaarePosted 8 years agoGood add
  • bhawani singhPosted 8 years agobeautiful and emotional add.raymond add at its best.:)
  • MariyaPosted 8 years agoNot a word spoken by actors and message conveyed so well.. Brilliant I say
  • amita grgPosted 8 years agonice ad to show a divine love
  • Sandip GuptaPosted 8 years agoIt's all father dreams that their Son will become responsible in life. The Ad is quite good enough to portray that story without any dialogue. Really a creative and positively made Ad.
  • Praveen kandwalPosted 8 years agoemotional
  • DineshPosted 8 years agoGood.. ads.. From Raymond.. :)
  • Hetal VinPosted 8 years agoEmotional Ad. I love this :)
  • Phaniraj BhattPosted 8 years agoIf someone doesn't know KISS formula....just show this AD made effectively by 'Keeping it Simple
  • Chakresh JainPosted 8 years agonice ad
  • upasanaPosted 8 years agoNice
  • Ram Kumar SinghPosted 8 years agoGreat ad
  • Seema JainPosted 8 years agonice one
  • Vidhi AgarwalPosted 8 years agoNice add
  • manju modiPosted 8 years agoThis AD shows kissing is so simle. Nice Ad Raymonds is always the best
  • JoyBoyPosted 8 years agoIsn't he the actor who sings Hanuman Chalisa when he's fighting ghosts??
  • Ishaan jaidkaPosted 8 years agonice
  • Chanchal SagarPosted 8 years agoemotional ad
  • ARTI SHRIVASTAVAPosted 8 years agoIt's all father dreams that their Son and daughter will become responsible in life. The Ad is quite good enough to portray that story without any dialogue. Really a creative and positively made Ad. Nice ad with the Raymond Garments Product
  • JanardhanPosted 8 years agoRamymond simply superb
  • Khushboo PandeyPosted 8 years agowow... I liked it...
  • aartiPosted 8 years agogood
  • nikitaPosted 8 years agogreat ad
  • aartiPosted 8 years agogood
  • sajid silawatPosted 8 years agomostly all part are good in this ads
  • Swapan PanjaPosted 8 years agoSometime Gesture of own loved one says a lot, here father vision let son to have makeover, Ultimately Son is the reflection of Father, Sense of pride for father when son live upto it, very well crafted AD. Great to see what the impression can be left without talking. Simply Excellent.
  • shabana sayyedPosted 8 years agoRaymond also bring something senseable
  • munira banoPosted 8 years agoNice to watch
  • amita grgPosted 8 years agonice ad to show the love of father
  • Atul VohraPosted 8 years agoNice one.
  • Seema JainPosted 8 years agogood
  • Seema JainPosted 8 years agonice
  • Seema JainPosted 8 years agoreally very awesome
  • Seema JainPosted 8 years agobe like a man
  • VEERAMMAPosted 8 years agogood
  • Megha ModiPosted 8 years agoIt's all father dreams that their Son will become responsible in life. The Ad is quite good enough to portray that story without any dialogue. Really a creative and positively made Ad.
  • Megha ModiPosted 8 years agogreat..
  • Megha ModiPosted 8 years agowonderful..
  • Megha ModiPosted 8 years agocool concept
  • Atul VohraPosted 8 years agoGood to watch.
  • Shikha JainPosted 8 years agoGud wow
  • kaushalPosted 8 years agogood
  • VINITA AGARWALPosted 8 years agosuperbly magnificent ad!!! i love ittt!!!!
  • VINITA AGARWALPosted 8 years agoTruly adorable!! I am in love with Raymond ads since childhood..Inspiration guides Every Raymond ad!! Really "Raymond makes a complete man" :)
  • Sumit Chauhan Posted 8 years agoI love these kind of ads where they don't need dialogues and the video take you to the conclusion. Men Will be Men :)
  • Swapnil PorwalPosted 8 years agoNicely describes how the boy changed him to impress is father and made him happy
  • zeeshanPosted 7 years agoFeel i a batman
  • Rishi ModiPosted 7 years agomessage is convinced without any speech
  • Megha SonuPosted 7 years agoNice add
  • AjayPosted 7 years agoits awesom
  • krishnaPosted 7 years agoGood brand and good ad
  • Dimple ChoudhuryPosted 7 years agoImpressive ad.
  • AMIT KUMARPosted 7 years agoawsome aid
  • shubhamPosted 7 years agowe support made in india!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • RiyaPosted 6 years agoLove all Raymond ads, this brand background music is superb, very catchy and pleasant. So is the phrase-The Complete Man- best in its kind. Both set so perfectly in all the different Raymond ads seen.
  • dineshPosted 6 years agogood ad .like it .message also good . It's always good to take advice of father or be it any other if he has experience of life hurdles .because they wish to correct their wrong with help of others and you come as opportunity to them and they give best advices .so having positive attitude is always good .respect and humbleness are must to achieve . Nice.....of the ad...bringing best thoughts out of my mind ....bravo
  • mahendra kumar bairwaPosted 6 years agoIndan brand
  • nikithaPosted 6 years agonice and simple good ad
  • krishnaveniPosted 6 years agoRaymond's brand of India wow it's really good product and dressing make all change its true. i also faced many time. dressing sense makes change lots of things many time. love this ad.
  • rajendraPosted 6 years agohmm nice
  • MohanchandPosted 6 years agoSuper ad
  • BareaPosted 6 years agoI have father daughtr the add. Is owsm
  • ArchanaPosted 5 years agoComplete ad with complete man
  • EbenezerPosted 5 years agoAwesome AD..... The AD works very beautiful. Raymond feels you always Royal and Proud.
  • Melvin TomPosted 5 years agoMind blowing, Boblastic and supercool ad
  • FIROJALI LASKARPosted 5 years agogood ads and product from my india
  • Vanitha SPosted 5 years agonice ad
  • Sameer KarekarPosted 5 years agogood product nice ad
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 5 years agoRaymonds clothing is a top brand now .I like it the name itself is a stylist and modern
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 4 years agoRaymond is my favourate brand
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 4 years agoNICE
  • Karan singhPosted 4 years agoNice ad
  • KramalingamPosted 2 years agoGood yes



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