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#GodSaveTheOcean | Advertising Campaign

Posted 12 months ago

A Mumbai based NGO that works to better the environment launched its #GodSaveTheOcean campaign in 2015. Through their campaign, Sprouts NGO, tried to create a Ganapati Visarjan Festival that didn’t harm the ocean life. During the festival millions of Ganapati idols are immersed into the ocean, which not only pollute the waters but also result in the death of many fish. 

Sprouts made their own environment friendly Ganapati idols, which were made out of fish food and therefore not harmful to the ocean. It was a great initiative and caught wind as it transformed the negative effect of this festival without challenging or disturbing traditions in any way.


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  • krishnaPosted 11 months agoReally good idea to save sea creatures and every one should follow the same and vinayaka chavithi is near and should follow the same
  • RahulPosted 11 months agoAwesome idea
  • swapnilPosted 11 months agogood ade with social msg
  • Mritunjay KumarPosted 11 months agoReally good idea to save sea creatures and every one should follow the same and vinayaka chavithi is near and should follow the same
  • lokesh kumarPosted 11 months agoREALLY GOOD THINKING SAVE ABOUT SEA
  • ANUJ RANAPosted 11 months agoAmazing inciative.......keep it up .....awesome cause.... fabulous ad
  • DilbagPosted 11 months agoGood idea
  • SAT WINDER KAURPosted 11 months agoVry nice video
  • Minal BPosted 11 months agoThai is awesome, much needed and must needed. Abother idea that I have seen people is of having Eco friendly models immersed in just a bucket of water at HOME. Some mideals are made with clay and plant seeds, which after immersion grows into a plant in a weeks time. This should be shared and made to be followed by all, especially the big idols. Besides mother nature, Even the lord would be pleased by this. Gaṇapati Bappa Morya.
  • priyal poddar Posted 11 months agoWow what a great initative is taken by all of u .. really incredible . Keep it up. And all the best
  • Yogeshwar Giri GoswamiPosted 11 months agogood for environment
  • Jimmy JoyPosted 11 months agoThe what Mother Nature ordered. But it looks bleak that larger idols will use this method. Happy that the initiative has started, need to revolutionise this. Will do my bit and share this. Kudos.
  • Anupama KAMRAPosted 11 months agoVery nice initiative, to save the water lives, pollution, I salute to this Nobel cause
  • Raoof MohiuddinPosted 11 months agolead murcury present in sea is harmful to fish and aquactic animal .is great idea
  • saiPosted 11 months agoEco friendly ganesha helps to save not only fishes but also world.
  • ritesh ranjanPosted 11 months agognpati bapa moria
  • meetPosted 11 months agogood idea..we can do the same.
  • Gopi Chand DarakPosted 11 months agoAwesome Concept
  • SAMMY KHANPosted 11 months agoAWSOME VIDEO
  • SAMMY KHANPosted 11 months agoIts a good idea to save water
  • Vijay HarsoraPosted 11 months agoJust classic concept to celebrate the Lord Ganesh Festival.
  • Udit Pratap KujurPosted 11 months agogood idea
  • AnupamaPosted 11 months agoA really noble cause
  • Dharmendra Choudhary Posted 11 months agoWow incredible
  • Foram ShahPosted 11 months agoPeace and harmony be with sea creatures
  • Dimple ChoudhuryPosted 11 months agoA great initiative of Sprouts NGO. Really incredible. Salute to the organization.
  • munish kumarPosted 11 months agoits amaging . it is very good idea
  • Harshprabha chopraPosted 11 months agoIt's an eye opener for everyone
  • Chanchal DasPosted 11 months agoVery Important thing for save our environment... Most Creative and Conciseness ad.. help
  • Swapnil PorwalPosted 11 months agoWe must celebrate festival in that way so that it don't harm anyone the world and I hope this community will grow more and more.
  • Seema JainPosted 11 months agoInformative ad :)
  • Foram ShahPosted 11 months agosuch a noble thought, should put the same to practice and should make more public awareness
  • Gobala Krishnan Posted 11 months agoGreat idea.
  • jpdeviPosted 11 months agoGood Idea and people should follow this kind of method for making Ganesha in future.
  • Mayank VaidPosted 11 months agoSuch kind of initiatives are required to promote sustainable development in the coming years, thereby protecting our environment which ultimately enables us to survive.
  • Arun KumarPosted 10 months agonice
  • KAUSHIK GARAIPosted 10 months agoit was a very good and innovative idea. i think everyone should follow this.
  • Gurwinder Pal SinghPosted 10 months agowow !!! Awesome...really a good should be followed by everyone...the best part is no creature would be harmed in this way...
  • vaibhav kumarPosted 10 months agoBest and unique idea for save marine organisms and they maintain both live, towards Indian rituals and marine lives
  • Manish RathiPosted 10 months agoGood doing
  • sk sarfuddinPosted 10 months agovery good idea
  • Bonus PillaiPosted 10 months agoGod never says to harm anybody so this is the real way that Ganesha will be happy and will bless us
  • Haribob YamalapalliPosted 10 months agoGood idea to sea environment
  • munish kumarPosted 10 months agovery good idea
  • Manish RathiPosted 10 months agogreat idea
  • salman haidetPosted 10 months agoGood idea
  • Gaurav GahlawatPosted 10 months agoNICE ONE GOOD IDEA
  • AnuragPosted 9 months agoVery pretty message from the ad
  • ImranPosted 9 months agoNice
  • atulPosted 9 months agoAwesome
  • Soumen SinhaPosted 9 months agoReally Awesome Creativity
  • AjayPosted 9 months agoIt's very very fantastic idea by watching this video i have started thinking how we were so cruel to the fishes and all sea creatures on the name of god it's our enjoyment but we harming another member of nature thank make me realise ad creator thank you
  • AbudaudPosted 9 months agoLove is god
  • KapilPosted 9 months agoNice add
  • KapilPosted 9 months agoCool add
  • Rahul kalalPosted 8 months agoNice
  • saroj kumar rathPosted 7 months agoVery good idea...
  • shubhamPosted 5 months agoSprouts made their own environment friendly Ganapati idols, which were made out of fish food and therefore not harmful to the ocean. It was a great initiative and caught wind as it transformed the negative effect of this festival without challenging or disturbing traditions in any way.
  • MeghaPosted 5 months agoGod, you really did save the ocean. Love you.
  • Abhishek PariharPosted 4 months agoGanesh Chaturthi started as a festival which had a motive to unite Indian (particularly in Maharashtra) against The British. So we can say that it was something that was brought into existence so that it can be served in national interest. What started with a patriotic message in itself turned into a trend and now into a menace. It has become too ironical that Our Vighnaharta Lort ganesha's Idols are becoming "vighnakarta" for our marine life. The basic idea of Visarjan is that the mud which is dug from water(clay soil) meets again with its origin. This can be done by simply doing the visarjan part at you home in a small tub. Large idols does not guarantee larger blessing from the god. With the water sources becoming scarce and majority of the population living along the coastline is surviving with fishing as their primary activity. Harmful colours and materials are not only harming the marine life, they are harming those who survive on it. And God is for everyone, not for a particular section of the society. Such initiative which focus on saving the water sources and the marine life are the need of the hour. If they are promoted by celebrities and becoming a trend people definitely gonna buy them. If such initiative spread in remote areas of our country also, like in rajasthan people follow this trend of visarjan and pollute last of remaining water bodies. Similar Initiatives are required during durga puja also. One must see the broader side of it. They are providing emplyment, saving the marine life, the fishermen community and our mother earth. So thank you so much Sprouts team for this #GodSaveTheOcean. We need more innovative ideas and a platform to share them and those must be funded by people who are so enthusiastic about the ganpati chanda. This time give Some chanda as your contribution to your planet. Because Goad made this world and he can only destroy it, our duty is to cherish and preserve his creations and not make him as an excuse to be a machine of nature's destruction because he never asked for it.
  • RiyaPosted 2 months agoBetter late than never applies to God Save the Ocean-Ganapati idol ad. Such an uprising should be applied to Bigger idols as well. People's awareness is compulsory and to be educated by such programs should be spread far and wide such that our oceans are safe and so the fish and our future generations lives.
  • AkankshaPosted 2 months ago# godsavetheocean great initiative ! Idioms made with Fish Food... What a great idea... # commendable # Heads off
  • MamtaPosted 1 month agoGreat ideas and great ad
  • Birjesh KumarPosted 1 week agoExcellent idea to implement to save ocean life.
  • dineshPosted 5 days agothis ad in every matter is complete .sound and video qualities are good and message spread is very much sensitive .Sprouts initiative is remarkably commendable .such a great idea without harming religious sentiments and doing goods to marine lives of sea .hats of to SPROUTS. #creativity wins


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