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Unicef - Tap Project

Posted 8 months ago


UNICEF or The United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund in 2007 launched their Tap Project which aims at trying to bridge the gap among the inequalities that exists in the world. On one hand, children struggle to get a glass of drinking water, while on the other, there is the privileged lot that is unable to take their eyes and hands of their smart phones, taking for granted almost everything around them, especially something as small in their world as a glass of water.

The sponsors of this project pledged to donate a $1 for every minute one can go without touching their phone. Their goal is to try and encourage people to put down something material, which has come to rule their world, and by doing this will grant children access to what is the most basic and vital need of all, water.

What do you think about this campaign? How long do you think you could last without touching your smart phone, while knowing on the other end of the line someone is benefitting immensely, just by you putting your social life on hold for a while.

Do you think such a campaign would work in a place like India, where lack of clean drinking water is only one of the many basic necessities millions are deprived of everyday? 


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  • Subrat Kumar SahuPosted 8 months agoawesome
  • rickenPosted 8 months agoinspiring and supportive
  • K SaikiranPosted 7 months agoI understood the thing. But i didnt get how they are going to provide water for them.
  • Shamsheer KhanPosted 7 months agoSuperb
  • deepaPosted 7 months agoClean drinking water is more important than mobile phone,good initiative
  • SaiPosted 7 months agoWow nice
  • Swapnil PorwalPosted 7 months agoThis ad realize me that you can use your smartphone to make something good to other in the world where people can't afford water and also I make some contributions also to the persons who want that thing. I love to take this challenge and also tell other to take that challenge also.
  • deepaPosted 7 months agoinnovative and amazing project
  • thatikonda.rajeshPosted 7 months agogreat and very enthusiastic super
  • Rishi ModiPosted 7 months agoAwesome and supporting
  • Tanishq.A. JainPosted 7 months agogreat thought :)
  • Dr. Anil GuptaPosted 7 months agoInteresting ad.
  • Swapnil PorwalPosted 7 months agoBest ad campaign, which changes people life.
  • Lisharani DhalPosted 7 months agoits so good
  • virendraPosted 7 months agoUNICEF is doing a great work
  • Chanchal DasPosted 7 months agoVery Nice Ad for Children development and educational things..
  • ROHIT KUMAR Posted 7 months agoAmazing and superior
  • Shruti Gupta Posted 7 months agoSure we can do that in india as we have lot of youngster who would actually like to help keeping aside our phones,, we need to show our unity and fight for a cause..our little step can actually help people in a big way✌🏻️
  • manojPosted 7 months agoGreat opportunity for the peoples who unable to fulfill their basic needs
  • TarunPosted 7 months agoGood
  • ShyamPosted 7 months agoAwesome
  • Chanchal DasPosted 7 months agoMost creative
  • AmanPosted 7 months agoliked
  • Rahul kalalPosted 7 months agoI like this all add
  • Megha DmPosted 7 months agoA really convincing and well done ad! It made me actually go to the site and check it out.
  • vaibhav kumarPosted 7 months agoI concern with them
  • Arpan_TrivediPosted 7 months agoLack of potable water is a big problem and the ironey is that at the same time we waste lots of water for no reason...hence such ads should have more frequency so that people unite in public interest.
  • RAJAT PURIPosted 7 months agoi love these concept like ice bucket challenge these challenge actually work and make big difference and make more money for those they nead it
  • Rahul kalalPosted 6 months agoNice
  • Minal BPosted 6 months agoWill be enrolling for this, this will surely help make a concious effort of not touching my phone every other second thus eliminating my habit and helping some poor kid get Clean Drinking Water. Wonderful, isn't it?
  • ANUJ RANAPosted 6 months agoNice iniciative ....
  • NagajyothiPosted 6 months agovery unique
  • jagriti mishraPosted 6 months agoWowww just amazing
  • giriPosted 6 months agoyes
  • jagdishgargPosted 6 months agowater is life every body knows it.
  • KAUSHIK GARAIPosted 6 months agoinspiring
  • ChinniPosted 6 months agoReally awesome
  • Sunil JainPosted 6 months agoawesome
  • avtar singhPosted 6 months agoGood cause , please please please save water....
  • vaibhav kumarPosted 6 months agoVery concerned
  • jagannath beheraPosted 6 months agoawesome
  • Anil Kumar SadaranganiPosted 6 months agoI understood the thing. But i didnt get how they are going to provide water for them.
  • priyal poddar Posted 6 months agoAmazing ad campaign which can change people life
  • manoj kumar bekalPosted 6 months agoliked
  • jagannath beheraPosted 6 months agosuper
  • jagannath beheraPosted 6 months agonice
  • jagannath beheraPosted 6 months agofood
  • shikharPosted 6 months agoits very inspiring and awesome and supportive
  • shikharPosted 6 months agogret video
  • krishnaPosted 6 months agoAwesome idea to provide clean water
  • vidhisha chatterjeePosted 6 months agosimple, descriptive, inspirational and moving
  • meetPosted 6 months agovery nice discribe..
  • Mukthadeer Ahmad QaziPosted 5 months ago🎩 😁 👕👍Great! 👖
  • Vijay HarsoraPosted 5 months agoNice way to contribute
  • munish kumarPosted 4 months agoi like it good
  • SANJAY VISHAL SAMUEL PANDIANPosted 1 week agoShould provide app for download.


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