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KFC's Add Hope Bucket Campaign | Fighting Against Hunger Initiative

Posted 3 months ago


Hunger is a global problem, but it is also hugely prevalent in India, with the country playing host to 212 million people suffering from starvation. Keeping this in mind, KFC has launched their “add Hope” buckets, pledging to contribute Rs. 5 from the sale of every bucket from its 300 stores across india.

This initiative is being shown through three short digital films. Two of them show children, trying to scrounge together some food, before eating the leftovers left in a KFC bucket. The third shows a father trying to do the same for his young daughter.

Using smart image recognition technology, smartphone users who have bought the bucket can have the content streamed directly to their devices.

This is a new and novel way to spread their message and raise awareness about a serious issue. Coupled with their pledge, it makes a step in the right direction for the food chain

How do you feel about these ads and the campaign? Let us know below!


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  • Minal BPosted 3 months agoOh, it's simply brilliant, all this for a noble cause makes it more important and effective. An innovative way to have customers have content on their smart phones , especially the youth who each have their own smart phone, makes this a smart campaign indeed. I hope KFC makes this a long term campaign rather than a short term one.
  • Ganesh Vasudevan NairPosted 3 months agobrilliant,yummy
  • Jimmy JoyPosted 3 months agoThis creative reminds me if the 7up Fido Dido ads of yesteryears. Good to see brands use Augmented Reality and Scan options to promote their products. Happy that KFC has taken this initiative, kudos to them.
  • AnkitPosted 3 months agoWow... So impressive ad by KFC !
  • Yash kapoorPosted 3 months agoYummy
  • Ravi KLPosted 3 months agosuperb one
  • Swapnil PorwalPosted 3 months agoI think this is very noble cause by KFC for ending starvation but I think it is also the marketing technique for increasing sales.
  • Vijay HarsoraPosted 3 months agoThis is a very commendable way to contribute and give it back to the society as this is a very serious situation prevailing not only in india but the world over.
  • INDEX20092Posted 3 months agoKJJ
  • rameshPosted 3 months agoNice
  • AmithPosted 3 months agoGood
  • Yash kapoorPosted 3 months agoYummy
  • Ganesh Vasudevan NairPosted 3 months agonice
  • priyal poddar Posted 2 months agoKudos to KFC for taking this initatve. Must say good effort
  • AbudaudPosted 2 months agoWao nice
  • swati paniPosted 2 months agoWow what else can be better than this
  • aloysiusPosted 2 months agohope
  • V Shravan KumarPosted 2 months agoWow it is great hope
  • Rajat Jain Posted 2 months agoYummy
  • Swapan PanjaPosted 2 months agoa deep sense of resposibility we all should take , help the needy.
  • Vipin S BhagatPosted 2 months agoi like it....
  • shyamPosted 2 months agoCant we help detectly to the poor childrens... we have to..
  • Vipin S BhagatPosted 2 months agogood..
  • arun deoPosted 2 months agoyummy story :)
  • saroj kumar rathPosted 2 months agoI am loving it yummy
  • Santoah Kumar NayakPosted 2 months agosuperb one
  • Man BahadurPosted 2 months agoAlways good think
  • Man Bahadur BahadurPosted 2 months agoAnywhere
  • AnuragPosted 2 months agoThats reallt cool and tempting but I am a vegetarian
  • AmithPosted 2 months agoWow.......
  • SujataBansodPosted 1 month agoamazing add with catchy idea to gain the attention of the viewer.
  • ChandrappaPosted 1 month agoGood
  • gaurav yadavPosted 1 month agoit's simply brilliant, all this for a noble cause makes it more important and effective. An innovative way to have customers have content on their smart phones , especially the youth who each have their own smart phone, makes this a smart campaign indeed. I hope KFC makes this a long term campaign rather than a short term one
  • MehjabinPosted 1 month agoImpressive
  • Ganesh Vasudevan NairPosted 1 month agonice
  • RohitPosted 1 month agogood
  • SowmyaPosted 1 month agoAll youth likes to visit KFC for PaRty and they will get offer combo etc.... there is creativity
  • PremalathaPosted 1 month agoIt's a great ad portraits both the need to serve the hunger,and the needs reach out
  • Vikas pavithran Posted 1 month agoFor a good and nobel cause...
  • MARELLA MURTHYPosted 1 month agoCongrats KFC for good job of contributing for keeping children away from hunger
  • parthPosted 1 month agobeautiful ad, loving it
  • Anupama singhPosted 1 month agogreat initiative by KFC....hope to see more useful ads and efforts to encourage us and help needy people.
  • Binu johnPosted 1 month agoeasy to explain
  • Sabiya Posted 1 month agoVery good sweet and very empresiv
  • anwar siddiquePosted 1 month agohart touching add we will lern it ki hamare waste kiye hue ya baki rakhe khane se bhi kisi ka pet bhar skta h brilliant add add of the year
  • Annol SerraoPosted 1 month agonice message
  • s praveenPosted 1 month agoits simply awesome
  • christinePosted 1 month agoVery happy to hear about this global initiative taken by KFC. This hunger and starvation is a global problem which is very very difficult to solve. But minor changes can be made through each and every individual in their capacity.Big companies, food chains can take this a step higher if they make up their mind something serious about this issue. Very glad that KFC 's taken this initiative which I'm sure will touch the hearts of several others and I hope they also take a lesson out of this. ALL THE BEST to KFC once again.
  • saranyaPosted 1 month agoNice and gud thinking. Thankz for the helping thought of poor.
  • sunil kumar sharmaPosted 3 weeks agoIts a great initiative by KFC for the people who cannot eat food daily
  • Reneal sohalPosted 3 weeks agolike this video
  • Prayag DaveyPosted 3 weeks agoGood one ✌ for the noble cause
  • benittoPosted 2 weeks agoThis is super I love it
  • maniPosted 2 weeks agonice good video
  • Manzur IlahiPosted 2 weeks agoWow it is great hope for hunger
  • Manzur IlahiPosted 2 weeks agosuperb one
  • AMithPosted 2 weeks agoawesome
  • Harveen KaurPosted 2 weeks agoNice initiative
  • deepikaPosted 2 weeks agoWhen u hungry go to kfc it has best non veg i have ever seen..
  • Manu .kPosted 1 week agoFor evey students b kfc is the bet place to make party
  • Sucheta GoswamiPosted 1 week agoVery nice and applaudable . This is a great initiative by KFC. Hunger is really a big prevent issue in India. Today there are people who can spend any amount for their loved items but still there is a big population in India who merely gets a single meal of the day. So it's really one of the great initiative taken by brands nowadays
  • IsaiahPosted 1 week agoIt's an outstanding piece of ad.
  • IsaiahPosted 1 week agoFantabulous ad is this.
  • AnuragPosted 1 week agoAhhhaaaa. It touched my heart. So brilliantly shown. We shouldvtake that much only which we can finish. People need to understand thia there so many kids are sleeping qithout having meal and many are under mal nutritions. This ad touched my heart please feed kids amd people and dont waste food. KfC kudos to you for bringing to this in our notice again.
  • Suresh KPosted 1 week agoDo not waste any food ... there are many who have nothing to eat
  • diwakkarPosted 1 week agowow.. its realy so goooooooooooooooooooooooooood.. :) :*
  • Yogender SharmaPosted 1 week agoCreative salutation to address the global issue of hunger, humanity first! :)
  • SANJAY VISHAL SAMUEL PANDIANPosted 1 week agoThe contribution should be at least Rs. 10 per bucket.
  • AsifkhanPosted 6 days agoVery nice
  • vikas kandariPosted 6 days agoThis is really awsome
  • BinduPosted 4 days agoIts good idea to make this type of videos to bring awareness in people regarding starvation of kids due to insufficient food,so guys spread this message all over the country....
  • shubhamPosted 3 days agoso good.
  • Prakash bhattraiPosted 2 days agoits good to taste....


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