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Deshbhakti ki koi bhasha nahin hai!

Posted 1 year ago

In a country marked by its diversity, India stands testament to unity despite differences.

The public service commercial created by Big Cinemas is an endeavour to highlight the same.

The stars of the commercial are differently abled students of a deaf and mute school. These kids, in their own way, stand together in patriotic fervour and their respect for the national flag and anthem. They highlight a simple message: Nationalism needs no language.

Some ads have this effect on watching it, where you get the chills on the back of your head. This ad is a good example of such an ad.

Watch it right now. Feel how it automatically invokes a nationalistic pride in you.


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  • Ms Neha ChamariaPosted 1 year agoI have goosebumps right now. Welled up. At a loss of words.
  • sajid silawatPosted 1 year agoThis ads are for me one good massage i like it
  • amita grgPosted 1 year agoits true deshbhakti ki koi ek bhasha na hokar sari bhashaye hoti h
  • Atul VohraPosted 1 year agoTruly an Indian.
  • MariyaPosted 1 year agofantastic.. i am really speachless
  • Dipika JoshiPosted 1 year agoMade me cry.Innocence of these kids and their patriotism portrayed so very well. True Deshbhakti ki koi bhasha nai
  • VINITA AGARWALPosted 1 year agoIt is beautiful to note how small children act out the National Anthem despite being gifted!! This ad inspires me....lights up the spark in me..stirs me to show my love for the country and do something special for her..This can only be done if we all do something unique for our motherland!! Grreat display of love for the country by young kids...they are the soldiers in true sense!!! I salute their spirit!!
  • Nikhil ParmarPosted 1 year agoOne of the Best Clips showing the real patriotism, emotional but perfect to tell people respect the nation.
  • zeeshanPosted 10 months agoKhow
  • Megha modiPosted 10 months agoGood message
  • Rishi ModiPosted 10 months agoTryly spreading good message
  • Megha SonuPosted 10 months agoGood message
  • Tanishq.A. JainPosted 7 months agoencourage it :) love its thought :D
  • jagannath beheraPosted 6 months agoi like it
  • krishnaPosted 6 months agoRespect..........nice to watch
  • Raoof MohiuddinPosted 6 months agonICE AD. BY SEEING THIS I REMEMBER MY SCHOOL ASEMBLY
  • RahulPosted 5 months agoRealy fantastic
  • munish kumarPosted 4 months agothis add give me a good thought
  • Sagar NarvenkerPosted 3 months agoPatriotism at its best !!
  • jomon josephPosted 1 month agoThere is no limitation
  • RohitPosted 1 month agovery good
  • saranyaPosted 1 month agoHeart touching moment.... Jai hind..


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