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Where are the fat women by Neeti Palta

Posted 3 years ago

Watch Neeti Palta, India's favorite Stand-up Comedian sharing her view on deodrant ads and well, fat women. Have a good laugh!


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  • Sumit Chauhan Posted 3 years agoNice.
  • lyangmitPosted 3 years agoawesome
  • Omer khanPosted 3 years ago nice!!!!!!
  • bhawna ratheePosted 3 years :)
  • Shreesti GhoshPosted 3 years agolol
  • anchal sundriyalPosted 3 years agocomic !!
  • Mohit RathorePosted 3 years agoGreat!!!! :)
  • Himanshu Posted 3 years agothe fat women are going to the gym
  • Vinod SudheerPosted 3 years agoLOL Himanshu you should have been the one with the mic.
  • ashishmaglaniPosted 3 years agonyc
  • barashaPosted 3 years agohahahaha
  • NishuPosted 3 years agogood
  • swapnil kalePosted 3 years agonice one
  • Naveen KumarPosted 3 years agoThis is really nice :)
  • RAMASAMYPosted 3 years agoBeautiful
  • Davinder SinghPosted 3 years agonice
  • Gurashish ChughPosted 3 years agoactually impressed
  • Deepika SinghPosted 3 years agonice work done by comadian
  • UrmilaPosted 3 years agonice
  • SANJEEVANIPosted 3 years agotooooo good
  • SanthoshKumar ManickamPosted 3 years agoSuperb :)
  • sajid silawatPosted 3 years agoYes I Agree With you Ads Maker Notice this Never Hurt to Women Respect all Women
  • Atul VohraPosted 3 years agonice.
  • Navdeep BamrahPosted 3 years agoNice
  • SAROJPosted 3 years agoGOOD JOKE...HA HA HA
  • Banu RaghavanPosted 3 years agoLovely :)
  • ishiqa Posted 3 years agoawesome
  • Banu RaghavanPosted 3 years agoHahhahahahha :)
  • MariyaPosted 3 years agofunny
  • lalit singhPosted 3 years agofunny ads
  • Kamaljeet KaurPosted 3 years agohahhaha......funny
  • ginna yadavPosted 3 years agoToo Good..... Ha Ha Ha.
  • Ravi LPosted 3 years agonice one
  • Sakshi Posted 3 years agohaha
  • Chakresh JainPosted 3 years agofunny
  • vijay gaurPosted 3 years agolol :)
  • Seema JainPosted 3 years agocool
  • SultanaPosted 3 years agoHaahaahaa really funny
  • bhawani singhPosted 3 years agonicely done add.good
  • Sunieta PandaarePosted 3 years agocool
  • amita grgPosted 3 years agoits good to make happy for a moment
  • upasanaPosted 3 years agonice
  • Ram Kumar SinghPosted 3 years agoreally funny
  • Praveen kandwalPosted 3 years agohappy moment
  • Pushkar KumarPosted 3 years agoHa Ha Ha...... OSM
  • Santokh SinghPosted 3 years agoWow ! Respect Women and Get Respect.
  • DineshPosted 3 years agoFunny.. Great..
  • Sandip GuptaPosted 3 years agoVery Funny. Fat Women having problem in running So, they prefer to stay home and not go after the fragrance of the Deo.
  • aprajitaPosted 3 years agogood job !!
  • Swapan PanjaPosted 3 years agogreat{}
  • HarshidaPosted 3 years agoHaha..where r the fat women gone ..
  • Chakresh JainPosted 3 years ago:D awesome ........ funny............
  • manju modiPosted 3 years agoha ha ha FAT women going to GYM
  • Rohit majithiyaPosted 3 years agoIts so funny ad
  • Chanchal SagarPosted 3 years agolike it
  • Moumita MaitiPosted 3 years agotoo good. Completely Agree with you
  • nikitaPosted 3 years agofunny!
  • sajid silawatPosted 3 years agoLovely tips. i liked it.
  • shabana sayyedPosted 3 years agoTrue agree
  • munira banoPosted 3 years agoAgree wit you
  • munira banoPosted 3 years agoAwesome
  • aartiPosted 3 years agoamazing
  • ARUNKUMARPosted 3 years ago funny
  • MATEEN SALIM UKAIYEPosted 3 years agoAll should respect woman
  • arihantPosted 3 years agohaha funny
  • VEERAMMAPosted 3 years agoVery Funny.
  • Megha ModiPosted 3 years agogood creativity
  • yuvraj aroraPosted 3 years agogood
  • rickenPosted 3 years agoAwesome
  • VINITA AGARWALPosted 3 years agoI love this Neeti Palta's sounds very amusing..."where are the fat women" ..true we all see skinny women running after males in commercials. Even the fat women must get chance to stick to the guys..lolzz...why always thin ladies?? well, we must know that in the Indian subcontinent it is always the women with voluptuous figure are considered! The trend of European nation seems to seep in!! Great observation by Neeti Palta!!
  • kaushalPosted 3 years agojordar
  • Rajendra PrasadPosted 3 years agoneeti also skinny women right....
  • Puja GuptaPosted 3 years agoMust watch ones
  • lakshay batraPosted 3 years agodamn hot topic to make fun..
  • jitesh kumarPosted 2 years agoawesome
  • manish talrejaPosted 2 years agoTHIS ADD IT IS A VERY NICE
  • arun deoPosted 2 years agoAwesome :)
  • Swapnil PorwalPosted 2 years agoshe nicely criticize the deodorants ads
  • zeeshanPosted 2 years agoMan think
  • Rishi ModiPosted 2 years agoNivce one
  • Megha SonuPosted 2 years agoawesome
  • harshavardhanreddyPosted 2 years agosuperb
  • krishnaPosted 2 years agoFunny and there is a point
  • RahulPosted 2 years agoLol.................
  • Dimple ChoudhuryPosted 2 years agoHumm, awesome! LOL!
  • Vijay HarsoraPosted 2 years agoCool Facts...Good.
  • gufranPosted 1 year agovery nice
  • shubhamPosted 1 year agoWatch Neeti Palta, India's favorite Stand-up Comedian sharing her view on deodrant ads and well, fat women. Have a good laugh!
  • Abhishek PariharPosted 1 year agoThis was the most sarcastic one minute I ever saw 1 minute filled with humor that was used so well to target those stereotypes, ironies and mockery. Thats what sarcasm is, targeting something in wittiest way possible and by the time you finish you leave an impression among others that theere was so much apart from humor in the act. Deo ads are the most misleading ones we watch on tv, angels never fell on me from heavens, neither i become central attraction of any party. Girls admire a decent deo smell, but they never act mad for them there is so much for deo ad makes in this ad, there are fat girls too why are you leaving them to be declared crazy for a specific smell, the the ones , those slim trim girls declared normal by you....they never ever react like that. Perfect act by Neeti
  • RiyaPosted 1 year agoGood one by Neeti on Where are the fat women. AND where are the FAT MEN. Mostly all men deo ads target the women being drawn to macho men wearing such deos rather than develop a strategy that focuses on the value, quality and sustainability of the Deo in this case. Generally, the ad man is trying to pass a message that women go gaga over the spray smell. So it should not matter who wears the deo: could be any human-Men too can fat, thin, medium, small, big, etc or cat...Good humor.
  • Magesh.nPosted 1 year agoThis girl is just being much sarcarstic :) And letting out the positive and negative vibes of everything she has undergone in her life hatsoff great standup comedian she is funny to see it !
  • MamtaPosted 1 year agoHaha nyc
  • vinti agrawalPosted 1 year agosahi hai
  • RajPosted 1 year agoFunyy and good ?????
  • Jyoti agarwalPosted 1 year agoHere Neeti Palta is searching and saying about fat women that where they are and what they are doing beside taking pictures...
  • sujeet kumar singhPosted 1 year agoAwesome
  • krishnaveniPosted 1 year agogood and funny
  • asgarPosted 1 year agowow
  • RaghavanPosted 1 year agoGood One !!!!
  • Anitha MadasiPosted 1 year agoGood job
  • RAKESHPosted 1 year agohad a good laugh .....THANKS NEETI PALTA
  • HananPosted 1 year agoGood
  • rajendraPosted 1 year agonice
  • Pradeep Kumar BhartiPosted 1 year agoNice question....She should learnt from silky lady
  • MehzabeenPosted 1 year agonice ad
  • asgarPosted 1 year agogood
  • ANUKUL DABLIPosted 12 months agohaahhaaha very very joking.
  • Sunita SaptelPosted 11 months agoSo true..... but if fat women come in the guys will run LOL
  • NGASHEPAM BINOD KUMAR SINGHPosted 11 months agobeautful
  • NGASHEPAM BINOD KUMAR SINGHPosted 11 months agohahaha awesome n funny
  • MohanchandPosted 11 months agoReally true
  • Ghanashyam PustiPosted 11 months agoIt's really funny.Deo is for men
  • RajkumarPosted 11 months agogood ad and agree about the fat women what they are and how they plan or do beside taking pictures.........
  • rohitkhalkho@yahoo.comPosted 11 months agoawesome
  • virender singh negiPosted 11 months agonice video
  • mohit.chauhan-478738Posted 10 months agoNice
  • DeepsPosted 10 months agoNice
  • Vikash pandeyPosted 9 months agoNice and good
  • ArchanaPosted 8 months agoNice
  • ved prakashPosted 8 months agothese types of ads prove themselves the worst product as we need this much amount of deodrant or perfume to remove the odor
  • Priyanka GhatalPosted 8 months agoNeeti patla this is first female inidian stand up comedian wow her jock is so good
  • Priyanka GhatalPosted 8 months agoShe is amazing joke cracking. Hahaha
  • shashi patelPosted 7 months agoToo good. true
  • YasminPosted 7 months agoNice
  • EbenezerPosted 7 months agoHahahahaha... Nice...! 😁😀😂
  • EbenezerPosted 7 months agoNice video...
  • Melvin TomPosted 7 months agoFabulous, Stunning and mind blowing video. Thank you for this video.
  • Melvin TomPosted 7 months agoMind blowing, Boblastic and supercool ad. Really loveed it.
  • Deborah dohlingPosted 6 months agoI agree since the deo is sucha magnet probably it should be attracting all sizes of women why only the pretty slim ones hmmm I think the television since time immemorial has glorified beauty we watch what we like seeing so probably instead of being people friendly they just want trps ,now when I was on the healthier I didn't attract " visual " states by men it did change when I lost weight
  • JADAV KIRITPosted 6 months agoNice add
  • Nagesh loharPosted 5 months agoAwesome girly
  • Vanitha SPosted 5 months agohaha nice talking
  • abhinavPosted 5 months agoNiti is amazing
  • RahulPosted 5 months agosimplay nice
  • RahulPosted 5 months agoawesome
  • NandiniPosted 4 months agoHahahaha
  • Jaseem KhanPosted 4 months agomust watch by everyone
  • Sailaja BalakrishnanPosted 4 months agoi liked it
  • Arif AhmadPosted 4 months agothis is really good
  • Naveez Fatima syedPosted 4 months agoShe is correct
  • Debashis Ghosh Posted 3 months agotoo funny
  • ShiwanisinghPosted 3 months agoNice raise of social issue
  • ShiwanisinghPosted 3 months agoLol
  • Sameer KarekarPosted 3 months agoNice
  • Nishant SahaiPosted 3 months agoGood question why skinny women only?
  • SujataPosted 3 months agoGood
  • lakshmipathiPosted 3 months agonice
  • Gagan g salianPosted 2 months agoNice
  • MAUSUMI MAITRAPosted 2 months agofun to watch
  • MAUSUMI MAITRAPosted 2 months agowell done
  • Manoj Varughese Posted 1 month agoDeodorant Spary strength of the fragrance is a matter of personal preference you may like something that’s more noticeable while another man may prefer a scent that’s more suitable. Remember, the stronger the scent, the more attention you’ll likely attract, good or bad. Also, a stronger scent may last longer than a subtle one.
  • satishPosted 2 days agofunny....
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 1 day agoamazing
  • manishaPosted 20 hours are right.great...


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