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Neeti Palta & Frustrated Marketers

Posted 8 years ago

Watch Neeti Palta talk about frustrated men in the marketing department who come up with most absurd products and ideas to sell their product. How insecure can you make a woman feel? 



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  • Atul VohraPosted 8 years agoGood to watch.
  • sajid silawatPosted 8 years agoIts time to learn nice video Thanks.
  • MariyaPosted 8 years agoFabulous video, super funny
  • rickenPosted 8 years agoIts time to learn nice video Thanks.
  • amita grgPosted 8 years agoits true because competetion is becomming very high in this field
  • Shikha JainPosted 8 years agoNice to see and learn from this advertisement
  • Phaniraj BhattPosted 8 years agobeauty products are endorsed by beautiful ladies...and used by them... and if they don't look beautiful even after that...Men will be Frustrated naturally...and they become Frustrated Admakers ! :-)
  • Swapan PanjaPosted 8 years agoThat The Hard fact, always the profit .. profit.... sell sell and sell........
  • VINITA AGARWALPosted 8 years agololz..nice...!! true that all the beauty products and Fairness creams make us feel insecured!! even if we are fair we start feeling that we are tanned! This is true!!
  • Seema JainPosted 8 years agothis is really very true
  • Chakresh JainPosted 8 years agovery nice to watch
  • DINESHPosted 8 years agomast have to learn something from this ad
  • ashwani sharmaPosted 8 years agogreat ad,,inspiring and innovative!
  • Basil AliPosted 8 years agoNice video with big impact on viewers
  • Gaurav BishtPosted 8 years agoGreat, glad I watched
  • swapnilPosted 8 years agogreat ade,,inspiring and Motivating ,innovative!
  • koolPosted 8 years agoVery gud
  • Firoz SaifiPosted 8 years agogreat work ADYTUDE
  • Nikhlesh GawarPosted 8 years agothat was funny way of looking at it.
  • Puja GuptaPosted 8 years agoCool one
  • Mukthadeer Ahmad QaziPosted 8 years agonice video
  • BideshPosted 8 years agothe marketeers are under pressure to deliver something beautiful dats why this
  • Kalachand PanjaPosted 8 years agoAwesome amazing really good impressed
  • DeeptiPosted 8 years agoNeeti palta you are right ,why ad makers make ad for skinny women(,not for fatty).You gave the reason to think about the other things :-)
  • Asha baloniPosted 8 years agoits awesome
  • upasanaPosted 8 years agoMost of adds are fictitious today that common people can't relate to it
  • jasmin r bhalodiaPosted 8 years agogood work by adytude........
  • RobinPosted 8 years agoThat The Hard fact, always the profit .. profit.... sell sell and sell........
  • MADHUPosted 8 years agonice video
  • omprakashPosted 8 years agoGood
  • hiteshPosted 8 years agonice
  • akhileshPosted 8 years agosuper
  • zeeshanPosted 8 years agoVery good mad
  • Sumit Chauhan Posted 8 years agoI agree with her as people are just making new products to sale and earn from them, They never look what people really want.
  • Megha modiPosted 8 years agogood to watch this Ad feeling happy
  • Megha SonuPosted 8 years agoGood to watch.
  • krishnaPosted 7 years agogood to watch..............................
  • Magesh.nPosted 7 years agoWell said about today globalisation without proper marketing department :)
  • MamtaPosted 7 years agoThis is really truth
  • vinti agrawalPosted 7 years agoexactly... who will know...
  • RiyaPosted 6 years agoVery very true....completely relates to me since have worked in marketing department. Worst ideas are accepted are created by men. Real weird but true. Absurd. Ha.ha.ha...aloha $
  • RiyaPosted 6 years agoAllo!!!! Today's men are highly conscious about their personal grooming and spend a lot of time and money on beauty products and fitness. Times are changing. Though they may never externally show it....but it's the truth. They are more like experimenting machines hence let them take the frustrations of evolving beauty products for future use.
  • Krishnaveni KPosted 6 years agoCorrect. Neeti you make us to think about the others things. marketers are always under pressure.
  • HananPosted 6 years agoAwesome
  • NGASHEPAM BINOD KUMAR SINGHPosted 6 years agohahaha so funny video
  • RajkumarPosted 6 years agoWell said, every marking person wants to make money and the product manufactured by them is not used by them in some cases. the only idea of marking department is to make mad ad to make money.............................
  • mohit.chauhan-478738Posted 6 years agoNice video sir
  • mohit.chauhan-478738Posted 6 years agoGood watch
  • mohit.chauhan-478738Posted 6 years agoNice video sir
  • Priyanka GhatalPosted 6 years agoShe is my fav stand up actress nice concept
  • EbenezerPosted 6 years agoVery Nice... Good Message...
  • Melvin TomPosted 6 years agoMind blowing, Boblastic and supercool ad
  • RahulPosted 6 years agogood to watch
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 5 years agofunny vedio I like
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 5 years agobrilliant
  • sujit.purkayasthaPosted 5 years agoGOOD
  • Tapati PurkayasthaPosted 4 years agoVery funny


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