Consumer Market Research Companies India

Online Market Research Companies are fast cropping up as the go to medium for consumer research in India. Market research is need by any company to judge the efficacy and reach of not only their ads but their product as well. How the public perceives your ads can have a humongous effect on your sales during the product launch. However these surveys are generally time consuming and have a limited reach. With the vast size of the country, it comes as no surprise that any medium that allows vast distances to be covered as well as reaching a broader user base will find many takers. however, is one of the forerunners of this burgeoning field. And it's all thanks to our gamified engine! Instead of a boring structural questionnaire asking the same stilted questions, we offer the unique option for users to view ads and "play" with them. Based on how the users do and their responses, we at the backend can pull valuable data on user perception and their feedback, in a feature we call 'backvertising'. Whereas other online market research companies are still stuck in the traditional shackles of a rigid questionnaire, we at are taking consumer research India to the next level. These "challenges" last no more than 10 minutes and are both fun and interactive for the user. They also change daily, encouraging users to log in everyday and review ads so as to maximise their point earnings. This allows us to have high user retention as well being able to operate at a much faster rate and reach out to far more people than our competitors as everybody enjoys playing a game, especially if they can win real life rewards from it. The fees we charge from our customers goes to buying prizes, from gift vouchers to even a car! These prizes can be obtained by our users through a unique point exchange system where a user earns points based on the games they played as well as how helpful they were in their responses.

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